Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Israel Says Its Against Their Interests To Join Anti-Nuclear Arms Treaty? (Wants To Continue Being A ROGUE Nuclear Weapons State!)

Israel possesses somewhere in the neighbourhood of 300 nuclear weapons.  The Zionist Jewish state also possesses a multitude of delivery systems, including bombers, nuclear cruise missile equipped Dolphin class submarines, and Intermediate range ballistic missiles.   Israeli politicians and writers have even said that if Israel was every in danger of "going down", they would unleash their "Samson Option" and potentially take a BILLION people on the planet with them!  Such is the mind set of that xenophobic and paranoid state.

Now comes a new revelation and report, from www.commondreams.org,  where Israel's Atomic Energy Chief has said that it is against the Interests of Israel for it to join any Anti-Nuclear Arms Treaty, including the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty.   I want to present that article right here for my own readers to view in its entirety:

Israel: It's Against Our Interest to Join Anti-Nuclear Arms Treaty

Israel rejects offer to join UN atomic agency

VIENNA - It is against Israel's interests to join a global anti-nuclear arms treaty and the UN atomic watchdog is overstepping its mandate in demanding it to do so, its nuclear chief said on Tuesday.

Arab states have tabled a resolution at the International Atomic Energy Agency annual conference in Vienna for Israel to fore swear nuclear weapons and sign up to the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT).

"Israel is not the only member state ... that has exercised its sovereign right not to accede to the NPT due to its national security considerations," Israel's Atomic Energy Commission chief Shaul Chorev said.

"Yet Israel is the only state that has been singled out, and is called upon to take a decision which is against its best national interests," he told the conference.

"Indeed, the advancement of states' accessions to international treaties does not fall within the mandate of the (IAEA)," he said.

The Jewish state is the only Middle East power believed to possess nuclear weapons.

Chorev said the resolution tabled by the Arab states was part of a "political campaign to defame the state of Israel".

It was "incompatible with basic principles and norms of international law and does not fall within the mandate of the agency as defined in its statute," he said.

"Moreover, this resolution ... ignores the adverse reality in the Middle East region," Chorev said.

He said that Middle East states such as Iran, Syria, Libya and Iraq under Saddam Hussein -- all signatories to the NPT -- had "grossly violated their treaty obligations".

"These four cases make it absolutely clear that the NPT is unable to adequately address the security challenges in the Middle East region where the treaty has been most abused," Chorev said.

"The serious threat to the NPT and the non-proliferation regime is posed from within by those states that pursue nuclear weapons under the cover of their NPT membership."

The Arab states' resolution, which has been tabled every year for the past few years, is expected to be debated on Thursday.

NTS Notes:  Israel does not want to join any NPT or anti-Nuclear Arms Treaties, because in doing so it would finally reveal that it has been a ROGUE nuclear power for the last 4 decades at least.   Israel wants to continue to possess its massive arsenal as a means of keeping its supremacy in the Middle East and potentially to blackmail other nations by using the threat of this arsenal!

People must also be aware that if Israel was to finally be revealed to be a major nuclear power, it would automatically be in violation of the US's Symington Amendment of 1976 that calls for a cessation of any aid to a nation that has nuclear arms in violation of the NPT treaty!   Basically, Israel is in total violation of the Symington Amendment, and ALL of its "aid" primarily given by the US since 1976 is totally illegal.  It is no wonder that the Zionist Jewish controlled US Government continues with its sick game of ambiguity when it comes to knowledge about Israel's nuclear arsenal.

The world must see the Apartheid criminal state of Israel for what it truly is.   A nuclear armed ROGUE state that is a danger to the entire planet!

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