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Israel Rejects Opening Up Nuclear Programme, IAEA Reports (Hypocrisy At Its Best!)

We know that Israel possesses somewhere in the neighbourhood of around 300 nuclear weapons, as well as a multitude of different delivery systems that can drop these weapons on all of its Arab neighbours,  much of Asia, Africa, and Europe as well.  

 Israel being a major nuclear weapons power has been kept out of the Zionist Jewish controlled media on purpose, because if the truth is ever revealed, then the US Symington Amendment of 1976 comes into effect.  If the truth is ever known that Israel has nukes, then ALL monetary "Aid" from the United States would have to halt immediately, and ALL of the so called "Aid" given to the Zionist state since 1976 becomes illegal and would have to be returned to the United States!   The Symington Amendment is the major reason why the US plays along with its masters in Israel, and refuses to recognize Israel's vast nuclear capabilities.

It also appears that the existence of Israel's nuclear capabilities will be kept a secret from the public for a bit longer, because according to this new article from, the criminal state of Israel is again refusing the IAEA to inspect its nuclear sites!   Here is that article:

Israel Rejects Opening Up Nuclear Programme, IAEA Reports

Journal of Turkish Weekly

September 3, 2010

Israel's government has rebuffed the International Atomic Energy Agency's (IAEA) suggestion that it open its nuclear programme to international inspectors and join a global pact to stop the spread of nuclear arms, the IAEA said Friday in a report.

Israel comes under frequent criticism in the Arab region for its widely assumed nuclear weapons arsenal, which the country does not confirm as a matter of policy, DPA reported.

A majority of IAEA member states led by Arab countries tasked Director General Yukiya Amano a year ago to try and bring Israel into the global nuclear fold.

During a visit to Israel in August, Amano asked President Shimon Peres and other leaders to consider joining the Nuclear Non- Proliferation Treaty (NPT) and accepting IAEA inspections, according to the report.

Israel's answer had echoed an earlier letter by Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman from July, in which he called the IAEA's request a "politically motivated resolution (that) attempts to divert attention from the real proliferation challenges of the Middle East, namely non-compliance by Iran and Syria with their NPT obligations, by singling out Israel," the report said.

Liberman made arms control in the region conditional on durable peace in the Middle East and full compliance by all states with their international nuclear obligations.

Backed by most member states, the IAEA has been conducting thorough investigations of Iran's and Syria's nuclear programmes, which have been hampered by a lack of cooperation by the two countries.

Late in August, IAEA chief Amano issued a report saying he had made no progress in preparing the ground for discussions on a Middle East free of nuclear arms, as the divide between the positions of Israel and the rest of the region remained far apart.

The IAEA's member states are discuss these issues again at their annual General Conference in Vienna from September 20.

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NTS Notes:  Right now the criminal state of Israel is still pushing its American puppets to attack Iran because of Iran's non-existent nuclear threat.   Iran is a signor of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, and has allowed full IAEA inspection of ALL of its nuclear sites.  The IAEA inspectors have constantly come back with reports that Iran is absolutely NOT building any nuclear bombs, in spite of what Israel, the US Government, and the Zionist controlled media continues to spew.   

And here we have the state of Israel with its massive nuclear capability, its unwillingness to sign the NPT treaty, and its total unwillingness to allow IAEA inspectors to look at its clandestine nuclear weapons facilities.  Does anyone else see the hypocrisy in all of this?

Lets again make sure that people are aware of the real truth that the threat to peace in the Middle East is absolutely NOT the state of Iran, but it is the criminal state of Israel!

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