Monday, September 20, 2010

Important Interview: DBS At "The French Connection" Interviews Gordon Duff From Veterans Today

I have been following the works of Darryl Bradford Smith at "The French Connection" (  for a very long time.  Yes, Darryl has his critics, and sometimes I believe that he is a bit soft on the idea that the majority of the Jews are either criminals, or would support their fellow criminal tribesmen above all else even when knowing full well about their criminality.  

The naysayers can say what they want about Darryl Bradford Smith, but his site: "The French Connection" at,  is a wealth of infomation and contains a fabulous array of articles that pertain to the history of Zionist Judaism.   I have found his work to be honest, factual, and most important in this fight against criminal Zionism.  I therefore am a firm supporter of Darryl's work, and consider his site to be one of the best for my own readers to use for their own research.

For this article, I want to have my readers listen to the following important audio interview that DBS conducted on September 19th, 2010, with Gordon Duff at Veterans Today.    It is a definite must listen, and I want to present the link to that audio interview right here:

NTS Notes:  I have been placing Gordon Duff's articles in my own blog for quite a while now.  He definitely brings a wealth of information to this fight against these criminals indeed.

Gordon Duff states the facts in this French Connection audio interview, that I have placed in several of my own articles,  about how Israel worked with South Africa in the 1970's to early 1980's to develop and build nuclear weapons.   Again, it must be stated that one Israeli-South African developed device was test fired in the South Indian Ocean off of Prince Edward Island, and the blast was definitely detected by an American Vela spy satellite.    The coverup about this clandestine nuclear test has been covered up to this day.   Gordon Duff also explains in great detail how three South African nuclear weapons went missing sometime in 1991, were obtained by the Israeli Mossad, and how one was sold to, and then fired by North Korea in 2009.   That leaves definitely 2 stolen nuclear weapons still in the hands of the Israeli Mossad!   He also backs up my claims that the Mossad has shipped these nukes to America and that these criminals may set off at least one of these devices in an American city to blame it on Iran to get their next war against Iran off and running!

It seems evident therefore that if there is a nuclear explosion in an American city sometimes soon, then it will be definitely an Israeli Mossad false flag attack.   The American public must be made fully aware of this possibility, and the fact that if this horrendous action does take place that it was the Israelis that did the job, and not some crazed Islamic "terrorists".

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