Sunday, September 5, 2010

The (Man Made) Global Warming Farce: Now THIS Is A Real Investigation Into Climate Change!

We now know that the man made Global Warming scare is a complete hoax.  It was concocted by some very evil people with the notion that certain groups would get filthy rich off of selling Carbon credits, and by bringing in so called "Cap and Trade" legislations.   There was even the possibility that these new "Green Tax" laws would have been one stepping stone towards an ultimate goal of One World Government.

Now that people are aware of the truth that Global Warming is NOT the result of man made influences, we can now concentrate on the REAL science behind the how and why this planet goes through cycles of warming and cooling.  With that in mind, I want to present the following fabulous video series that I came across through Mike Rivero's  This video series uses real scientific methods, uses real critical thinking,  and gives a very interesting postulation that our planetary climate is affected not only by the Sun, but by Interstellar Cosmic Rays!   Here is the video series in 6 parts for my own readers to view:

Part I:

Part II:

Part III:

Part IV:

Part V:

NTS Notes:  Being a man of Science, I find these findings to be absolutely fascinating, and the evidence fits into all of the events of climatic change over BILLIONS of years on this planet absolutely perfectly, by picturing our entire solar system as an integral part of the galaxy itself even when it comes to climate and climatic changes!

I have always said that this planet's weather is fully dependent on the natural cycles of our own Sun, and right now that the solar output is down, we are almost certainly to be entering a long COOLING cycle.   This video series backs up some of my claims, but adds the twist where by the diminished Magnetic Field output of the Sun allows more Cosmic Rays to penetrate our solar system.  The result will be more of these rays penetrating our own atmosphere and thus generating more cloud cover over our planet.  The net effect therefore is a cooling of our planet!

This is real science and very logical.   There will still be those who stick to the man made global warming notion blindly and they will look upon this video series and laugh.   But with the revelation that their entire faith in man made Global Warming is totally fraudulent, then we can hope that eventually even those foolhardy bullheaded believers in man made Global Warming may come around to the type of critical thinking shown here.

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skeptikos said...

Thank you so much for sharing. Absolutely fascinating either scientific and political point of view. I'm sharing also to all my friends. Thks again!

skeptikos said...

CERN page about it:

Northerntruthseeker said...

Thanks, skeptikos for the link... Already well aware of CERN now coming around to the truth about Global Warming....Problem is it will still take a lot of effort to have everyone else wake the hell up!

skeptikos said...

After I shared this, a friend gave me this link:

Yes, indeed a lot of effort is needed from inside (institutions) out but, Al Gore scam is no longer "a convenient untruth". It's now up to us all to help and point out the lies. I'll do my best.