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Gilad Atzmon: Apropos "Peace Talks"

The present ongoing so called "Peace Negotiations" going on right now in Washington between the criminal Prime Minister of Israel, Netanyahu, the leader of the Palestinian Authority, Abbas, and the President of the United States, Barry Soetoro, are a farce.  Israel goes to this bargaining table knowing that its illegal settlement building in the occupied West Bank is not stopping, but is accelerating.   The Palestinian Authority leader will do nothing for the Palestinian people, and the President of the US will only do as his Zionist Jewish masters tell him to do.   There will be no peace for the Palestinian people because Israel wants territory at their expense! So again, I need to ask:  Why are they even bothering with this conference?

To further show how these "negotiations" will end in failure just like all previous negotiations, I turn to the writings of Gilad Atzmon, who has just put up a new article at his website:, entitled: "Apropos "Peace Talks".   I want to present the entire article here for my own readers to view:

Gilad Atzmon: Apropos ‘Peace Talks’

Needless to mention, I don’t hold my breath for the outcome of the current ‘peace talks’. As I mentioned many times before, Israelis are not interested in peace as they fail to grasp what peace is all about or what it stands for. Shalom, the Hebrew word for peace, is interpreted by Israelis and most Jews as ‘security for the Jews’. Shalom therefore has nothing to do with reconciliation or living amongst others. Shalom is a judeo-centric concept, it conveys an image of hope to one people only. The Israeli Palestinian conflict can never be resolved by a ‘shalom initiative’. Shalom is there to split the land and  separate the people. It is there to deny the Palestinians of their elementary rights such as  the Right of Return.

But let us assume for a second that I am completely wrong in my reading of the Israelis and their cultural and political understandings. Let’s for that purpose look into an imaginary scenario in which an Israeli PM wakes up one sunny morning with the unusual determination to bring about true peace. In the wee small hours, wisdom embraces him or her. He or she realises that Israel is in fact Palestine: it is stretched over historic Palestine at the expense of the Palestinian people, their livelihood and their history. He or she grasps that the Palestinians are the indigenous people of the land, and the rockets they shoot from time to time are nothing but love letters to their stolen villages, orchards, vineyards and fields.

Our imaginary Israeli PM realises that the so-called Israeli Palestinian conflict can be resolved in 25 minutes once both people decide to live together. Following the Israeli unilateral tradition, an immediate televised press conference is called on the same day at 2 PM.  Captivated by true righteousness the PM announces to the world and his people “Israel realises its unique circumstances and its crucial responsibility for world peace. Israel calls the Palestinian people to return to their homes. The Jewish state is to become a state of its citizens where all people enjoy full equal rights”.

Though shocked by the sudden Israeli move, political analysts around the world are quick to realise that, considering Israel is the representative of world Jewry, such a simple peaceful initiative, won’t just resolve the conflict in the Middle East, it would also bring to an end two millenniums of mutual suspicions and resentfulness between Christians and Jews. Some Israeli right wing academics, ideologists and politicians join the revolutionary initiative and declare that such a heroic unilateral Israeli act could be the one and only total and comprehensive fulfilment of the Zionist dream for not only Jews have returned to their alleged historical home, they also have managed, at last, to love their neighbours and be loved in return.

As much as such an idea is thrilling and exciting, we shouldn’t expect it to happen any time soon, for Israel is the Jewish state and Jewishness is a tribal ideology driven by exclusiveness, exceptionalism, racial supremacy and a deep inherent inclination toward segregation.

For Israel and Israelis to become people like other people, all traces of Jewish ideological superiority must be suppressed first. For the Jewish state to lead a peaceful initiative, Israel must be de-zionised, it should first stop being the Jewish State. Similarly, in order for an imaginary Israeli PM to bring peace about, he or she must be de-Zionised first.

As things stand, Israel, in its current ideological state, is categorically unable to lead the region into reconciliation. It lacks the necessary ingredients that are needed in order to think in terms of harmony and reconciliation.

The only people who can bring peace about are the Palestinians, for Palestine , against all odds and in spite of the endless suffering, humiliation and total oppression, is still an ethically driven ecumenical society.

NTS Notes:  Gilad hits the nail on the head by saying in the first paragraph that he won't hold his breath for an outcome of these latest "Peace Talks".  He as well as I both know that the Zionist Jews in control of Israel will never give up their illegal settlements, and are only after their dream of a Greater Israel that will encompass all of Palestine exclusively for themselves.   Basically, there is absolutely no hope for a Palestinian state as long as the Zionists control the Israeli Government and all of its policies!

People need to understand that the Zionist Jewish belief is one of pure racism and hatred.  They still believe that they are superior to all other human beings, being the "chosen people".  They also believe that all of Palestine is theirs and theirs alone, as they claim is their God given right.   There is absolutely no room for the Palestinians in this type of twisted ideological thinking.   Therefore I also agree that the only way to have real peace is for Israel itself to be de-Zionized.   But don't hold your breath that that will happen any time soon!

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