Monday, September 13, 2010

From The Files Of Absurdity, Volume CXLVII: My Favorite Fan Is At It Again! This One Is A Laugher!

Sometime ago, I put an article that questioned more of the so called "History" of World War II that we have been wrongly subjected to in our education system.  The article focused on the famous "Flight of Rudolf Hess" and called into question the facts about that entire episode.  I linked in an article for my own article that showed glaring inconsistencies in all of the official documentation about what happened that fateful night in May 1941 when Rudolf Hess flew to Scotland to talk peace with the British.  

If anyone takes the time to look again at that article, you will see that in no way, shape, or form, did I ever suddenly side with "White Supremacists" or "Nazis".   The whole purpose of that article, like other articles pertaining to history, was to show that again history needs to be re-examined, especially when it comes to some of the false history that has been presented through our school system!

But, it seems that my favourite Pro-Zionist fan, "mah29001" is at it again.   In two previous articles that have been in the form of rebuttals against his insane tirades, I showed him to be nothing more than a clown, a farce, and an outright liar.   But the guy will not quit....

Well, readers, here is my newest File Of Absurdity, and this one again focuses in on my favourite fan, "mah29001", and his insane ramblings.  Here now, I want to first present his latest psycho article, entitled: "Northerntruthseeker and Endorse A Dead Nazi Leader".  Here is that article for you to view, with my notes to follow:

Northerntruthseeker And Endorse A Dead Nazi Leader

Posted by mah29001 on September 13, 2010

This is a sick pro-Nazi propaganda video promoting Hitler’s No. 2 man Rudolf Hess.  How is it that Northerntruthseeker and are two peas of a Jew-hating pod when they endorse a dead Nazi who could have replaced Adolf Hitler?  It’s no wonder why many of their 9/11 “Truther” conspiracy theories always lead to Jew-hatred.
Alex Jones’ 9/11 “Truther” conspiracy theories is an obvious enabler of this modern day Jew-hatred in a more paranoid form.  But Alex along with his buddies like Ron Paul purposely try not to talk about Jews in order to make their views acceptable.  Instead they replace the words Jews and Zionists with “neo-Conservatives” to make it more appealing.  It’s imbeciles like the owner of and Northerntruthseeker whom reveal their paranoid conspiracy theories to be just recycled Nazi propaganda.
It’s also no wonder why they’d blame Israel for the 9/11 attacks either and side with the Palestinian terrorists whom were the ones obviously involved in the 9/11 attacks and also the Muslim Brotherhood.  Why are these nutcases allowed to operate so overtly like this and nothing is done about it?

NTS Notes:  This guy, "mah29001", definitely has mental issues.  I challenged him to back up his last two ridiculous articles about me with proof and facts and figures.  He has done absolutely nothing to date in this regard.   I also questioned his mental capacity considering how he is all over the place by making absolutely absurd slurs against myself and others, but cannot give any evidence or proofs to back up his ridiculous claims.

Again, readers, it seems that this Hasbara/Sayanim agent has been asked to be my attack dog, but all this fool is doing is attract people with intelligence to my site.  In that regard, I want to thank this fool...   Well done, "mah29001"!

In no way shape or form have I ever in any of my articles claimed to support the National Socialists from World War II.  If this "mah29001" is going to back up his fantastic claim, please give us the article, time, and date, that I supposedly wrote an article to back up his claim.   To date he has done nothing of the sort.

The bottom line is that I have had enough of this clown.  Intelligent people can see his sick twisted mentality for what it is.  (I said he suffers from ADD, and there is still nothing that shows differently).   It always seems that these criminal Zionist Jews attack so called "hate" by spewing hate themselves.  Amazing how more and more we are discovering this is part of their ploy to try to subdue their critics.

As I stated before, I am after Historical Revisionism.   Historical Revisionism has always been attacked by the Zionist Jews out of fear that when history is revised, their criminality is fully exposed!  It is no wonder that they put their Hasbara/Sayanim agents to work to attack sites like mine and Incogman's.   They are afraid that people will see the truth, and the liars and criminals that they truly are.

A definite one for my Files Of Absurdity.  I guess with the mental illness that "mah29001" suffers from, he doesn't see that people are not supporting him, but laughing their faces off at him!

More to come


*Footnote for my readers.  I must apologize that I have spent so much time putting up articles on this Pro-Zionist site attacking me.  After this article, and unless this clown puts up personal attacks on me, I will be getting back to some real news and articles.   Stay tuned...

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