Sunday, September 12, 2010

From The Files Of Absurdity, Volume CXLVI: One Of My Best Fans (To Date) Still Calls Me A "White Supremacist" (!)

About a week ago, I produced an article as a rebuttal to an article created by a character who goes by the name: "mah29001" under the website:   This website is Pro-Israel and contains massive amounts of hatred towards anyone trying to fight criminal Zionism.  It is no wonder that when wordpress "purged" hate sites, this one was missed... It seems that "hate" doesn't apply to members of the tribe!

Now for my latest File Of Absurdity, I want to present the newest piece of work (garbage?) by this author of fine Pro-Zionist material for my own readers to view.  This newest propaganda piece is entitled: "So Why Does Northerntruthseeker Have Indeed David Duke's Website On His Blog, If He's Not A White Supremacist?" I found this latest article to be absolutely laughable, until I discovered that this guy is actually serious!  

Well, readers, again here is the article in its entirety, and please again don't start laughing until after you read it here:

So Why Does Northerntruthseeker Have Indeed David Duke’s Website On His Blog If He’s Not A White Supremacist?

Posted by mah29001 on September 9, 2010
Really paranoid as it’s quite the obvious anti-Semites have an obvious mental illness.
Oh, take a look at this stupid comment from an anti-Semitic viewer of the blog whom made this comment:
“The more a man is vilified by the Zionist media and their slaves, the more is that man effective at exposing Zionism for what it really is. “
Really…I work for the mainstream media? I’m no journalist.  Anti-Semites like Northerntruthseeker and others like him are obviously complete imbeciles to believe in this garbage.  They are the ones whom are acting like the Nazis (National Socialists).  They are the ones whom are causing problems to exploit this economic crisis in pushing Jew-hatred….when they outright lie into saying it isn’t Jew-hatred when it is.
So what will history tell of imbeciles like Northerntruthseeker whom pushes Jew-hatred and lies and states it isn’t Jew-hatred when it is?  Of course it is Jew-hatred…it is a modern version of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion…do these imbeciles don’t seem to care to think when what they type?  Do they even have a life to have to force Jews to defend themselves?
In the words of Confucius…”He who will not economize will have to agonize.”
So it’s no wonder why anti-Semites like Northerntruthseeker and others like him continue to push Jew-hatred.  Jews are successful in life…therefore those whom are not successful as the Jew and fail to achieve will have to create ridiculous conspiracy mongering.  Explains a lot about why anti-Semites do in their obvious nature.
Oh…also Northerntruthseeker seems to also admire an anti-Semitic conspiracy theorist Eustace Mullins whom recycled Nazi lies about the Rothchilds:

Sure…Jews “run” the banking industries too…or are these imbeciles going say “Zionist” in its place instead?
NTS Notes:  My fan club... How they adore me!   Well, it appears that "mah29001" has failed to live up to anything from his first fine article against me that he published on Sept 3rd.   I notice that he totally skirts around my answers and questions given about his false claims in that first article. Instead for this article he totally changes gears and now attacks me for having Eustace Mullins as an inspiration for my blog!

Well, if this clown ever actually studies the history of Eustace Mullins and his works with some of the greatest writers of the 20th century including Ezra Pound and Ernest Hemmingway, then he would be eating his own words.  Eustace Mullins is haled as one of the greatest writers of the last century, but I guess "mah29001" missed that memo as well.... 

One major reason for attacking Eustace Mullins is simple, readers: Eustace Mullins has written a great work exposing the criminality of the Zionist Jewish banking industry entitled "The Secrets Of The Federal Reserve" in which he shows how the US Federal Reserve System is a massive fraud and a swindle on the American public.   It is no wonder that Zionist Jews and their followers such as "mah29001" want to continue to vilify Eustace Mullins.  They are afraid of having people discover the real truth about their true nature as criminals through this and many of his other great works of literature!

Again, as in my last rebuttal, and this is for "mah29001":  I gladly use David Duke's site as one of many that exposes Zionist Jewish criminality.   There is absolutely no secret that Duke has written many fine articles exposing Zionist Jewish crimes against humanity and people should take the time and look at his works in that regard.  And while you are at it... I also use many other falsely labeled "racist" sites such as "Incogman", and "I Am The Witness" as sources of material exposing Zionist Jewish criminality as well!   There is absolutely no shame in supporting others that fight against crimes committed against humanity.

Again readers,  this writer  "mah29001" misses the other links that I use to expose Zionist Jewish criminality, including, as I stated before,  many great JEWISH writers!    It seems that "mah29001" again misses these key points entirely in his latest work....But is that not common practice for these Pro-Zionist sites?  Deflect and cloud issues seems to be their mode of operation.   Therefore any intelligent reader sees the latest hit piece on myself as nothing more than pure trash, and absolutely laughable!

Is it not obvious to anyone who looks at the material that I present that I am after only criminals and I am not against any religion or so called "race" ?   I even stated in my last rebuttal that if "mah29001" was putting up articles against Zionist Jewish criminality, I might even consider adding his website to that list.  But alas, that probabaly will not be happening any time soon.    

I also stated in my last rebuttal that I wanted this "writer" to prove from my own articles that I am a "White Supremacist" as he so falsely claims.  I am still waiting on that as well!  Well, mah29001, lets have your "proof"?

So instead in this latest attack article, he misses ALL of his key points, as laid out in his first article, entirely and instead switches gears totally to lead readers down a different path!   I need to ask:  Is "mah29001" the one suffering from "mental illness" as he claims?  Does it not seem that he is suffering from Attention Deficit Disorder? It does seem so, because he cannot focus on the same points from one article to the next.   The key word is definitely "focus" here.  Take your medicine, and please try staying focused, "mah29001"!

So we have a Pro-Zionist writer who is all over the place and cannot back up any of his material with actual facts.   Is this not the same for all of these Hasbara/Sayanim agents who are out there to defend their cherished state of Israel?  It seems to me that "mah29001" has been assigned the duty of slandering me, but the problem is that his slanders are making people laugh, and are only helping our cause by having people look at my site for real factual information.   In that regard.. Thanks, "mah29001"!   

I also notice that this article is full of the usual "tried and tried again" piece of hogwash that these criminals use to cover their actions.  That is the usage of the term "anti-semite" which has been proven to be totally false. Did "mah29001" not get the memo?  If not, here is that video again where a JEWISH person explains why the term "anti-semite" is totally false and nothing more than a trick!:

Well, there you have it, readers... Another fluff and totally ridiculous hit piece.  A great commentator, "Delta Wolf", did say it best in my comments section in the previous article (which "mah29001" repeats in his own "fine" article above) by stating: "The more a man is vilified by the Zionist media, and their slaves, the more is that man effective at exposing Zionism for what it really is!" (*see note)
Well, from what we see from this "mah29001" character, and other Pro-Zionist sites, "Delta Wolf" is so right!    Again, Thanks, "mah29001", for including his truthful statement for everyone to see.

(*NTS Correction 13/09/10: Original article had fellow blogger "Whitewraithe" as the author of this great comment. I have since corrected this error.   Thanks, Whitewraithe for pointing out this minor error!)

So again thank you so much "mah29001" for showing readers your true colours and for helping our cause.  Please keep your articles coming!

And by the way.... Welcome to being a chapter in my Files Of Absurdity, "mah29001", for being the one suffering from brain damage.   Now go back to taking your meds.....

More to come



Anonymous said...

Could not agree more with your assessment that this jerk is suffering from ADD. Apparently, he cannot type a fully coherent thought and his ramblings from calling you a Nazi to an antisemite and finally an envious person of Jews is downright ludicrous.

mah29001's obfuscations are nonsensical diatribes that have no clear shock value. I suspect that he's probably a Christian Zionist because it seems obvious that he lacks the formal education most Jews are blessed with.

One correction, although, I appreciate the kind compliment I was not the blogger who made the statement, "The more a man is vilified by the Zionist media, and their slaves, the more is that man effective at exposing Zionism for what it really is!" That was courtesy of fellow blogger DeltaWolf. He or she deserves the credit.

Keep up the great work; your are handling the little antagonist remarkably well with courage and dignity.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir: As a university professor, a priest, and an avowedly Christendom-friendly white man, I wish to point out that so-called 'Christian Zionism' is neither Christian, and most decidedly not even Zionist...

if by Christian, one means the historic, Catholic faith that was the supersession of apostate Judaism, [Heb. 13:10] and for which Christ, as Messiah of His People [Matt.1:21] died for. Moreover, if, as Benjamin Freedman, a former Jew turned Christian noted, "Christ was not a Jew."

Secondly, one cannot be truly 'Zionist' if one is a Christian, for the Church is Israel now, [Gal. 6:16, Heb. 12:22, Gal. 4:26] and it is only a small subset of Christ-killers who 'say they are Jews and are not,' as St. John noted in Rev. 2:8,9 - who dare to disagree with Scripture, the Church, or God.

Christian Zionism is a code word for those not versed in the great heresies of the Christian Faith. It's true name is Dispensationalism, or Chiliasm, and is considered a HERESY, and has been thought of as such for over 1500 years. But, then again, so have the fallacious position of the Anabaptists on 'Adult Baptism,'..... so there you go.

Hope that helps.

-Fr. john

DeltaWolf said...

You must have touched on a nerve NTS.

Mr. mah29001 should look into the dictionary though. A quick search at finds "anti-semitic" as "prejudiced against or hostile to Jews". Now, in standard English grammar, that would mean "hatred" towards all Jews, regardless if they're Zionist or not. Now, I don't even know where Mr. mah29001 gets the idea that we hate Jews, but I do for sure hate liars (of all races, nationalities, cultures, genders, etc.).
"Zionism" turns up as "The belief that Jews should have their own nation; Jewish nationalism. (Cultural dictionary)" The hypocrisy in this definition, is if one replaces "Jew" with "White" and "Zionism" with "White Nationalism", that person is an automatic racist bigot.

But Mr. mah29001 must clearly be the expert in all of this. After all, it is the accepted social norm nowadays to not question certain aspects of our society. Everything is alright, don't worry about anything, nothing could possibly be going wrong. Why would anybody lie to us?

Oh and BTW, I don't blog, and I'm a proud white man.

Northerntruthseeker said...

Actually, "Anonymous", I have nothing positive to say about so called "Christian Zionism". I am after Jewish Zionism only.

There is increasing evidence that Christian Zionists are being led down the wrong path by the true criminals, and that these so called "Christian Zionists" are being used by the criminals to further their aims towards world domination.

It was the Israelis themselves that picture Christian Zionists as useful idiots that are needed to further their evil cause.

No where in any of my articles do I show any association between Christians and Jews when it comes to Zionism, and I will not waver from that fact...

Northerntruthseeker said...

Sorry, DeltaWolf... But with your name coming up as showing blog in the comments, I had assumed you had your own blog. Me bad.....

And sorry about the sudden sex change! LOL LOL LOL... Not done on purpose... And an innocent mistake. I will fix it in the article, and refer to you properly as a man from now on.

DeltaWolf said...

No harm done. I'm not the kind of guy that is offended by the most trivial of matters... unlike the PC world.

But I must say, I eagerly await the next article by our friendly neighborhood Zionist. He has quite a few articles on you, besides the ones you posted here.

Peter said...

A couple of years ago I read about so called atrocities committed in Ukraine by Ukrainians against the jews during WWII as claimed by a jew. These claims were rebutted by a Ukrainian Organization lady. In here closing comment she stated: "We will stop telling the truth about the jews after they stop telling lies about us."

I wish I could remember where I read this. I think this is a very pertinent observation about the Ashkenazi jews!!!