Friday, September 10, 2010

From The Files Of Absurdity, Volume CXLV: President Barry Soetoro Says Bin Laden's Gone "Deep Underground" But Top Minds (?) Working Constantly To Find Him!

This is now one day before the 9th Anniversary of the greatest Israeli attack to date on the United States of America.  It is so hard to believe that it has now been 9 years since the Israeli Mossad and their agents in America brought down the WTC complex, as well as attack the Pentagon.   It is still hard to believe that even today the US Government periodically still digs up Osama Bin Laden and continues to blame him for this Mossad attack, while most Americans are finally aware that Bin Laden has been dead for almost 9 years now, and had absolutely nothing to do with the 9-11 attacks!

But it seems that the fools in the US Government will not quit when it comes to using their CIA trained agent periodically to whip up American public fear and hate.  And what better time to do so than around the anniversary of the Israeli Mossad 9-11 attacks!   

Which brings me to my newest chapter in my Files of Absurdity.  This marks file number 145 in this series, just in case no one knows how to count Roman numerals.   For this file, I turn to this report coming from, where the President of the United States himself, Barry Soetoro, is saying that Bin Laden has gone "deep underground" but top minds are working constantly to find him!   

Before my readers break out in laughter, please read the article right here:

Obama says bin Laden's gone 'deep underground' but top minds working constantly to find him

Obama: Best minds working to capture Bin Laden

President Barack Obama says Osama bin Laden has gone "deep underground" because of U.S. pressure on al-Qaida. He says the best intelligence officers and special forces are working night and day to capture him. 

Obama says it remains a high priority to capture or kill the al-Qaida leader who was the architect of the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks. He says getting bin Laden would be extremely important to the country's national security _ though it wouldn't solve all the problems.
Obama says that al-Qaida is "holed up" in a way that's made it difficult for the group to operate.
Obama spoke in response to a question at a White House news conference Friday, the day before the Sept. 11 anniversary.

NTS Notes:  I started laughing when I saw the irony of the statement "deep underground" because yes, Bin Laden is deep underground all right.... Actually he is 6 feet underground and pushing up daisies!

This statement by the President himself is absolutely absurd indeed.  How can he still think that people don't know the truth that Bin Laden has been long DEAD and had absolutely nothing to do with the attacks of 9-11.   And to state that top minds are working "constantly" to find him is absolutely laughable.  If the "top minds" in the US don't realize that Bin Laden has been dead for 9 years and are working "night and day" to capture him, it is no wonder the US Government is so lost and the US itself is a wreck today!

And I do love the comment on how "Al Qaeda", which does not even exist and has been a creation of the CIA and Mossad to continue to promote their phony war on terror, is now "holed up".    Who does Soetoro actually think he is kidding anymore?

Again, this is such a laughable report that it definitely belongs in my Files of Absurdity.   Sometimes after finding articles like this one, I think I should rename it the Files Of Insanity!

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The Eagle flies at night said...

hehe, yes, absurd. Kind of like ->

From the end of _Indiana Jones and Raiders of the Lost Ark_ :

Indy: What are you doing with the ark?

GOV Agent: We have top minds working on it. Top minds.

Movie ends with it being crated and buried in a vast "tomb" of crates.