Monday, September 20, 2010

Feeling The Loyalty To The Jewish State Of Israel

For this article, I want to present the following video from Youtube, where the interviewer asks people in Israel to read and then swear their undying allegiance to the Jewish state of Israel.   I found it to be absolutely revolting to watch, but I want my own readers to view it here for themselves:

NTS Notes:  The people in this video are absolutely disgusting and totally brainwashed to the criminal Israeli cause.  It is amazing that the vast majority of the people who were swearing their undying allegiance to the criminal state of Israel were either Americans or Canadians.   That makes each and every one of these people TRAITORS to their home countries.    Each of these people should be brought up on charges of treason immediately, but because their host nations' governments answer to their Zionist Jewish masters, these charges will never take place!

Again this shows exactly who the Jewish people are loyal to.  Almost all of these people interviewed have dual citizenship between their host countries and the Zionist Jewish state of Israel.  I have stated it many times that "a man cannot serve two masters" and this is definitely the case with all of these people in this video.  

The evidence presented in this video is clear.   It shows that none of these people interviewed, and then asked to read off their pledge of allegiance to Israel, can ever be trusted to support their host country when push comes to shove.   They would fight and die for the Zionist state of Israel above all else, and for that they are all traitors and should be considered dangerous to their host nations.

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