Friday, September 3, 2010

Disinformation Expert, Alex Jones, Allows ABC "Nightline" To Negatively Portray The Truth Movement As "Paranoia Porn"!

We in the real truth movement are always in a fight against the conveyors of disinformation, and those who claim that they are in the "truth movement" but are nothing more than Zionist Jewish controlled shills who's job it is to deflect any criticism away from the real criminals, the Zionist Jews, and lead listeners and followers down a path to nowhere.  The chief perpetrator of disinformation is none other than the shill who uses a blowhorn and spews false and totally misleading information, Alex Jones!

To show how Alex Jones was placed into the Truth Movement to purposely destroy our message, and to make people believe that all of us are nothing but paranoid and disfunctional, I present the following article, and the ABC Nightline video, courtesy of a fellow real truth seeker, at  It is entitled: "Alex Jones Allows ABC Nightline To Negatively Portray The Truth Movement As "Paranoia Porn"!   My comments to follow:


Alex Jones allows ABC's Nightline to negatively portray the truth movement as "Paranoia Porn"

It's said that there's no bad publicity and that may be true for AJ and his followers but for those others trying to sanely educate their friends and neighbors to the 'conspiracies' of the world that are destroying us, being portrayed as whacked out nuts doesn't help.

I doubt that Nightline would do a show with someone calm and collected such as Dr. David Ray Griffin on the subject of 9/11. That might give credibility to the movement and the media doesn't want that.

Jones knew that inviting the MSM to do a nationally televised feature on him would result in a hit piece.

Why did he go ahead and do it?

NTS Notes:  When will people finally get it?  Those who actually listen to this blow horn clown spew his "German Death Cult" and "New World Order" BS daily are being led down the wrong path on purpose to prevent them from seeing the real truth.   

If anyone takes the time to listen to one of his shows beyond his belicose statements, they can see that he spews total nonsense and garbage.  But is that not the jobs of the agents of disinformation?  It seems that Alex Jones is doing his job very well indeed!

Now thanks to this shill's idiocy as portrayed on Nightline, the entire real truth movement can now be pictured as a group of crackpots, conspiracy nuts, and as stated wanting only to spew "paranoia porn"!   Luckily, those with any intelligence can see through this BS as portrayed by Nightline and see who exactly is spewing Paranoia Porn, and that is none other than the biggest clown of all, Alex Jones.

More to come


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Noor al Haqiqa said...

Regarding AJ. I am of mixed opinions of him and his work but I still post his films on both blog and on my YouTube channel.

I found him to be a good doorway into the whole mess we are in now. Both him and David Icke.

It did not take me long to move on to other writers and historians, revisionists, etc etc to learn a lot was missing and it has taken forever it seems to find answers. Often these answers are still up for revision on an all too consistent basis. We have not only people with agendas but unforeseen as well as preplanned shifts in events run by mad dogs, loose cannons and the Rothschilds' criminal cartel.

To be a good dis-informant, you must be at least 85% accurate so that you can slide or avoid the conversation in the direction you wish it to go, to accomplish whatever you are trying to do. AJ presents only well documented material in his films.

So this is me playing Devil's advocate but just thinking of the thousands of folks he has brought into the movement who have made significant contributions.