Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Zionist Jews Knock Out The French Connection a.k.a: "IAMTHEWITNESS" Website!

We must be making a difference, and now the criminals are running scared.

If anyone tries to access Darryl Bradford Smith (DBS)'s website: The French Connection aka "IAMTHEWITNESS" at, they are instantly taken over to a "Go Daddy" website! It seems that the Zionist criminal element has had enough of DBS's truthful information and have decided to take the next step and do some Internet censorship! Exactly what are they afraid of? The truth?

If anyone has any articles downloaded from the website, I highly recommend that you hang on to that information, because until DBS can get on with another provider, and get his site back up, that information is priceless!

It is only a matter of time before the criminals start knocking out other websites to prevent the information about their criminality from being spread around. Anything to prevent the truth about world Zionism from reaching the masses!

More to come


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Scrumpy said... has been in trouble for a while now. Very slow to load and freezing constantly. Putting people off trying to use it. I hope Darryl can get it sorted.