Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Welcome Visitors To Police State America!

Living in Canada, I frequently travel to the United States on both business and pleasure trips. I have brought my family south of the border to visit many states and cities across the United States, and in most cases, crossing the border from Canada to the United States has been relatively simple and not too time consuming. Most of the border crossing inspectors and guards are pleasant, and ask straight forward and easily answerable questions. That was then.....

With America rapidly falling into a Police State, it is now harder and harder to cross the US-Canada border. I have heard of several horror stories where people have been questioned to no end, and some have been taken from their vehicles, or off of flights, to be searched, questioned, and even in some extreme cases, strip searched! It seems that the US Border Inspectors have now been given the almighty power to decide who may and who may not cross the border, and they abuse that power constantly.

If you think that what I am saying is a joke, then I want you to listen to the audio in the following video from Youtube, where a couple from Canada were crossing the border between Ontario, and New York State, only to endure absolute hell on earth from the US Border Customs Officials. Here is that video:

NTS Notes: Many after listening to this audio might assume that the Ontario man was belligerent when it came to the questions asked by the Border Inspector, but his belligerence stems from his reaction to the question about what stores they were going to be shopping at. You can tell by his reaction that he felt it was absolutely ridiculous, and that caused his instantaneous "knee jerk" reaction to the question. It is obvious that these Border Crossing Officials are not trained in ANY human psychology at all, or THEY would not have reacted the way they did by simply understanding the logical reaction to the questioning!

We also hear the outrageous claim that THREE terrorists are caught every day by the Border Crossing Officials at that one crossing station! That is an absolutely outrageous and outright lie! Are these men being trained, or brainwashed, to think that everyone is suddenly a suspected terrorist??

The Border Crossing Officials themselves caused the alleged incident of assault by grabbing the man in the Border crossing station. The Ontario man's reaction by pulling away was obviously something that many of us would do instinctively when grabbed....And they called it assault? These Border Crossing "Officials" also manhandle the man's wife, and the man is expected to sit idly by? These men are nothing but goons, and clowns, AND are allowed to play God and decide for themselves who may or who may not visit the USA!

This is beyond outrageous. My suggestion is that everyone take and make copies of this video and pass it around. Alert others to this video, and have your local Government officials listen to the audio. THIS is what is happening in America today, and it is no wonder that tourism is in meltdown. These Crossing Officials should be investigated for this incident, definitely!

And to anyone going south from Canada to the USA... Have a safe and pleasant journey. Lets hope that you don't endure what that couple went through....

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