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The Upcoming War Against Iran: More Media Propaganda And BS!

The US Zionist controlled MSM and MSM sources in other countries, are working overtime in trying to convince the ever increasingly pessimistic public that a war against the innocent nation of Iran is necessary and must be launched soon. This hype has been created by these criminals for the purpose of protecting their cherished land of Israel and nothing else. The Zionist Jews want the US to fight and die for their criminal dream land, and unless the public gets brought up to speed about the truth, they may be able to shortly get the war against Iran going.

Here now, I want to attach the following article from the Telegraph News Service in the UK at, where there is a new claim that Iran could fire a nuclear missile in two years(!). This is absolute BS and obvious propaganda, but I am enclosing the article here for my readers to judge for themselves:

Iran could fire nuclear missile within two years, says think tank

Iran will be able to deploy a missile capable of carrying a one-tonne nuclear warhead within two years, according to a report from a leading security think tank.

A military truck carries a long-range ballistic missile during the Army Day parade in Tehran, Iran
A military truck carries a long-range ballistic missile Photo: REX FEATURES

The International Institute for Strategic Studies said Iran's missile development programme was expanding in tandem with its drive to acquire an atomic capability.

The Sajjil-2 missile, with a range of 1,400 miles, was test-fired at the end of 2008 and will be ready for deployment in 2012. The weapon relies on solid fuel for propulsion, which means it has a short preparation time and can't be as easily deterred by a pre-emptive strike.

Although the missile is initially likely to carry a conventional warhead, the development of similar missiles in other countries has been closely tied to a nuclear weapons programme.

"Iran is the only country to have developed a missile of this reach without first having developed nuclear weapons," the report said.

The missile would be capable of hitting Israel and parts of southern Europe depending on the size of the warhead. A nuclear device weighting between 750 kilograms and one ton could be placed on the models seen in testing.

Mark Fitzpatrick, a specialist on Iranian security, said the report demonstrated that Iran had devoted substantial resources to ballistic technology and an associated space race, even though its economy was failing. "Iran has been extremely active and increasingly active over the years," he said. "It's very clear that huge investment are being made in both missile technology and the space programme."

Efforts to stop Iran enriching uranium in contravention of nuclear treaties top the global diplomatic agenda and have already seen three rounds of United Nations sanctions imposed.

The report dismissed American fears that Iran was on track to develop an intercontinental missile that would be capable of a range beyond 3,450 miles in the near future. It said the development would not take place in the current decade.

"Logic and the history of Iran's revolutionary missile and space launcher development efforts suggest Tehran would develop and field an intermediate range missile before embarking on a programme to develop an intercontinental ballistic missile capable of reaching the American East coast," it said.

While Iran is developing a large range of missiles and building new launching sites, it has not proven its ability to improve the accuracy of its weapons.

The IISS also warned that the missile programme was fuelling a Middle East arms race.

NTS Notes: It is remarkable how this article has the usual booga-booga effect by showing a picture of an Iranian missile during a parade. Talk about propaganda! Also, this article says, and very falsely, that Iran could fire a "NUCLEAR" missile in two years! Iran is NOT building nuclear bombs, and the common assertion has been that Iran is 5-10 years away from developing nuclear weapons. That 5-10 year assertion has been around for 40+ years now! Iran never developed nuclear weapons 40 years ago, and they are not developing them now! Israel on the other hand....

Iran has the right to self defense, and developing and possessing conventional missiles for self defense is not against international law. It is also perfectly within international law to develop missiles for launching satellites into space! I notice that is never mentioned in this article as well.

Now, lets look at a real criminal rogue nation: Israel has dozens of longer range missiles such as their "Jericho" missile that can easily hit targets thousands of miles away. Israel has never signed the NPT treaty and refuses any nation access to their nuclear secrets and their nuclear weapons development, especially at Dimona in the Negev Desert. And the Israelis have clandestinely developed hundreds of nuclear weapons, along with multiple systems of delivering them on all of their neighbors and even against most nations in Europe!

You never see these BS propaganda "media news sources" ever discuss Israel's nuclear weapons, their longer range missiles, and even their "Samson Option", do you? But here this media source, the Telegraph, is again giving a false report about Iran again to put fear into its readers. Only this time its the big bad Iranians, but with a new twist: "Nuclear Missiles"!

This piece by the Telegraph is pure Propaganda BS at its finest. Even if Iran builds and tests this "new missile", where, if in anger, would they use it? Israel itself has enough nuclear power to turn all of Iran into a sheet of glass and kill the entire population of the entire country. I seriously doubt that the Iranians are insane enough to consider that option.

Israel wants to eliminate the only threat to its hegemony in the entire region, and that is the nation of Iran. Their desire is to get American soldiers to fight and die for their aspirations of empire. With their almost total control over the media as a method of brainwashing the people, they may get away with it, unless we get the truth out.

Iranian Nuclear Missiles.... Almost laughable if it wasn't for the fact that these clowns constantly put up this type of news report. Give us all a break, and stop with this phony propaganda!

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Lone Wolf said...

Even if Iran were to obtain nuclear weapons, it would be virtual suicide to use them in an attack on Khazaria/Shitzrael because they would then face a massive nuclear counterattack, and assurred destruction.

As you noted, it's all propaganda -- to push the world towards the World War Three the Elders have planned for us.