Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Proof Of Israel's Nuclear Arsenal: The Memos And Minutes That Confirms Israel's Nuclear Stockpile!

Few people today realize that in 1976 the United States Congress passed an important bill called the Symington Agreement that prohibited any dealings, aid, or military shipments, to any country that has not signed the Nuclear Proliferation Treaty. That agreement stands today, and there has been absolutely no bill to repeal that act for the last 34 years.

Now comes new revelations about the factual existence of Israel's Nuclear Arsenal. There have been reports coming out over the last week that blows the whistle on Israel's nuclear dealings with the apartheid state of South Africa back in the 1970's. You will see by the following article through www.guardian.co.uk, the memos and minutes enclosed in this article shows definitive proof of the existence of Israel's nuclear bombs, and their collaboration with South Africa for development of nuclear weapons. Here is that article:

The memos and minutes that confirm Israel's nuclear stockpile

Documents reveal how then-defence minister Shimon Perez tried to sell South Africa's apartheid government the bomb

Israel documents: South African general says country should get  nukes on Jericho missiles

This is the secret memo by South Africa's military chief of staff, General RF Armstrong, asking for nukes on the Jericho missiles. It has been revealed before, but its context was not understood. We now know the memo was the direct result of a meeting between PW Botha and Shimon Peres, and the basis of Botha's demand for nukes. This memo was uncovered by Peter Liberman and published in the Nonproliferation Review.

• Declassified memo from General RF Armstrong

Israel documents: Cover page of memo revealing secret nuclear  agreement with South Afric

This cover page of an ISSA (ISrael-South Africa agreement) meeting in Pretoria between Israeli and South African officials on 30 June 1975 establishes the presence of General Armstrong, who wrote the nuclear memo.

• Minutes of third ISSA meeting, 30/6/1975

Israel documents: Memo showing secret nuclear agreement with South  Africa

This document details the another ISSA meeting during which Botha says he needs the 'right payload' and Peres offers it in 'three sizes' (paragraph 10).

• Minutes from further ISSA meeting

Israel documents: Page 2 states existence of agreement with South  Africa is secret

This is the cover page and two other pages from the secret military agreement between Israel and South Africa, signed by both Shimon Peres and Botha. Note on page two there is a clause that says the very existence of the agreement is secret. Both men have signed the agreement on page three.

• Israel-South Africa agreement

Israel documents: Peres letter to South Africa's apartheid  government

In this letter, dated 11 November 1974, Peres says Israel and the South African apartheid government share a "common hatred of injustice" and urges a "close identity of aspirations and interests".

• Letter from Shimon Peres, 11/11/1974

NTS Notes: THIS is one of the most important pieces of material to come out in the last few years that verifies the existence of Israel's Nuclear Arsenal. Israel is NOT a signor of the Nuclear Proliferation Treaty, and therefore the Symington Agreement applies almost exclusively to the Zionist Jewish state.

The fact is that with the Symington Agreement, ALL of the "aid", armaments, and dealings with Israel for the last 34 years are illegal, and totally null and void. It is up to the American people therefore to demand that the United States automatically cease any dealings with Zionist Israel, and demand that the 200+ BILLION dollars given to that corrupt state for the last 34 years be returned to the United States.

Don't hold your breath that the US will enact the Symington Agreement with their masters in Israel. The MSM and the shills in the US Government will continue with the ambiguity of Israel's nuclear stockpile in defiance of the agreement. Again, it is up to the American people to take a stand against that defiance!

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