Tuesday, May 4, 2010

More Good News On Vitamin D: It May Cut Breast Cancer Risk!

I have received some emails asking about why I continue with stories related to Health Issues. My answer is simple: A Healthy Body does equate to a Healthy Mind! By taking better care of our bodies and keeping in better health, we stand a better chance of being prepared mentally for the fight against the criminal elements in our society.

Keeping with periodic Health related issues. I came across this article through www.reuters.com that shows that taking Vitamin D in pill form helps women protect themselves from contracting Breast Cancer! Here is that Reuters article:

Vitamin D in pill form may cut breast cancer risk

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Women's dietary intake of vitamin D and calcium doesn't seem to influence their risk of breast cancer, before or after menopause, new research from Canada shows. But the findings do suggest that taking vitamin D in supplement form may be protective against the disease.


Given these new findings on vitamin D supplements, "it looks promising for vitamin D," Laura N. Anderson, one of the study's authors and a doctoral student at Cancer Care Ontario in Toronto, told Reuters Health. "We certainly need more research done in this area," she said.

Some prior studies have suggested that vitamin D may reduce breast cancer risk. Breast cells have receptors for vitamin D, Anderson noted, raising the possibility that the nutrient could help regulate the division and proliferation of these cells; there's also growing evidence that vitamin D could help protect against other types of cancer.

When it comes to diet and supplements, vitamin D and calcium often go hand in hand, she added. Vitamin D is necessary for calcium absorption, so women who want to keep their bones strong as they age are advised to take both; also, many calcium-rich foods, like milk, are enriched with vitamin D.

Anderson and her team sought to separate out the effects of vitamin D and calcium on breast cancer risk by surveying 3,101 breast cancer patients and 3,471 healthy controls about their intake of food and supplements.

The researchers found no relationship between overall vitamin D intake and breast cancer risk; nor was there any association between overall calcium intake and risk of the disease.

However, women who reported taking at least 400 international units of vitamin D every day were at 24 percent lower risk of developing breast cancer.

The findings are published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

Right now, Anderson noted, health authorities in Canada, the US and other countries are looking at revising the current recommendations on vitamin D intake upward, given that it looks like higher intakes of the vitamin D may be more beneficial.

Further research is needed, she and her colleagues conclude, to investigate the relationship between bigger doses of vitamin D and calcium and breast cancer risk.

SOURCE: American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, online April 14, 2010

NTS Notes: There is a continuing stream of information coming out now about the wonders of taking Vitamin D as a daily supplement. I will continue to post up any new findings for all of my readers as they come forward, definitely.

There has been no reports of any drawbacks or side effects in taking Vitamin D as a daily supplement. Therefore again I do recommend that it be part of your daily intake for your own better health!

More to come


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