Sunday, May 9, 2010

Israel Did 9-11: Spreading That Truth In America!

I came across an amazing video, and I was truly impressed, and at the same time disheartened. It is most important for everyone to watch this video, because it shows how blind Americans are still to the truth about who exactly did the 9-11 attacks, and how some go absolutely ballistic when they are told about the truth.

The elderly gentleman in this video not only has guts, but he should be heralded as a true hero and someone that the rest of America should be emulating. So without further delay, here is that amazing video:

NTS Notes: Israel did the attacks on 9-11. That is now a fact. If there are any doubters left that still don't know that truth, please listen again to the podcast under, dated March 15th, where Dr. Alan Sabrosky comes right out and says clearly that the Zionist state is fully responsible for the murder of 3000+ innocent Americans on September 11, 2001 (link: There is absolutely no doubt any more that these murderous criminals must be eventually brought to justice for that crime against America and all humanity.

The elderly man in this video knows the truth, and again shows the guts that most Americans are lacking in going after the real perpetrators of 9-11. His actions should be an example for the rest of us!

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