Sunday, May 16, 2010

Israel Did 9-11: Dr Alan Sabroksy, Director Of The US Army War College, Speaks

Israel did 9-11. There is absolutely no doubt any more that that is fact. There should be absolutely no doubt in any readers of my articles, and all readers should go out and spread that truth to everyone, and not be afraid of any naysayers to the truth!

Back in previous articles, I attached the speech made by Dr. Alan Sabrosky, Director of the US Army War College, made in an UglyTruth podcast back in March, where he stated unequivocally that Israel did 9-11. In that speech he laid it out in black and white for everyone the facts as to how and why they committed the greatest crime in the history of the United States, and how we all must get the message spread to everyone about that truth. Now, I want to put in a video by, that gives a summarization of that March 15th UglyTruth podcast. Here is that video:

NTS Notes: Again, if any of the readers wants to listen to the orginal podcast, the link is here:

I emplore all of my readers that have not listened to this podcast to take the time and listen to it in its entirety. The information is absolutely dynamite, and truthful.

Israel did the 9-11 attacks. There is no other power on earth with the money and the capabilities to pull off that horrendous murder of American citizens other than Israel, through their Mossad and their useful idiot Sayanim/Hasbarat agents in America. The people of America, and the world, must finally come to grips with that reality and do something to bring these murderers to justice!

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