Monday, May 31, 2010

International Media Sources Cover Gaza Flotilla Massacre, But Where The Heck Is The Zionist Controlled US Media?

Continuing with reports on the massacre in International Waters of the Gaza Humanitarian Aid Flotilla, I am still astounded that the compliant and totally Zionist Jewish controlled American media outlets have not covered this massacre and blamed Israel for this heinous act against humanity! This is absolutely outrageous indeed!

I am enclosing a video of the latest Russian news report of the massacre here for my readers to view. My comments will follow:

NTS Notes: At least the international community is covering the massacre, but I am truly amazed at the latest spinning of this story claiming that the Israeli terrorists that attacked the flotilla came under gun fire from the civilians on board the boats! That is obviously an absolute lie and a feeble attempt by the murderous Israelis to claim they were acting in some type of self defense while they carried out their act of outright murder!

Again to my American readers... I want all of you to go and contact your local media sources and demand that they cover this most important story. Israel must be made to pay for this murderous crime against humanity!

More to come



sadia said...

The Media will deceitfully portray Israel's atrocity as an act of defense.....and once again this mass murder will be overlooked by the world silently...

Americans are being fooled by their own government ...who is spending the hard earned money of their tax payers in gifting 'weaponry' to Israel to commit genocide in palestine.

It is a form of oppression of the American addition to the brutal oppression of palestinians.

Israel is the most tyrant government on the face of Earth today. Its bullying will continue as long as americans ignore their own plight of having to pay for Israel's War games.

Northerntruthseeker said...

I have been saying all day that the spin doctors are working overtime in their vain attempt to make Israel come out of this smelling like a rose.

It stems from the complete control of the Zionist Jews over most of the world, thanks to their debt based monetary (slavery) system.

Thanks for the info, sadia!