Friday, May 21, 2010

Great New Video By David Duke: No War For Israel In Iran, Keep Americans Safe

David Duke has worked tirelessly for years in trying to get the message across to Americans about exactly who is the real threat to America and its people today. Few used to bother to listen to his statements or read his articles, and that was primarily due to the work of the Zionist Jewish controlled MSM in labeling him falsely as a Neo-Nazi. How things have changed today, and Dr. David Duke is now looked upon as a real patriot in the fight against evil.

Now, I want to present Dr. David Duke's latest video in its entirety here. It is a very factual video presentation entitled: No War For Israel In Iran, Keep Americans Safe:

NTS Notes: I myself have been putting up articles for the past year alerting people to the same truths that David Duke puts in this video. People must be told the truth, and therefore it is urgent that readers here copy and distribute this video to all of their own contacts and friends.

Israel is wanting more bloodshed in their pursuit of world power,and they will get their stooges in the American government to send American soldiers to fight and die for them against Iran. This madness must be stopped!

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