Monday, May 31, 2010

From The Files Of Absurdity, Volume CXXXI: Israeli Ambassador To Denmark Claims Gaza Flotilla Had Links To Al Qaeda(!) (Absolutely Insane)

The spinning of the Israeli murder of innocent people on the Gaza humanitarian aid flotilla is now going nonstop. In theory, you could wind a coil of copper wire around the spinning, and the electricity generated could now power a small city!

Now comes one for my Files Of Absurdity. In the face of the outright murder of innocent unarmed people on this freedom flotilla, comes a report from, that according to a report coming out of Denmark, the Danish Israeli Ambassador is now claiming that the flotilla has links to "Al Qaeda" terrorists! I kid you not, and here is the article, with the English translation enclosed:

Israel claims the flotilla had Al qaeda! ... _3218.html

Un ambassadeur israélien évoque des liens entre les activistes et Al-Qaida

Selon l'ambassadeur d'Israël au Danemark, Arthur Avnon, "avant que la flottille ne pénètre dans les eaux israéliennes, des rumeurs couraient que les organisateurs (de cette action) avaient des relations avec le réseau terroriste Al-Qaida". "Les personnes à bord n'étaient pas si innocentes (...) et je ne peux m'imaginer qu'un autre pays aurait réagi différemment", a déclaré le diplomate israélien, dont les propos sont cités sur le site du groupe public de radio-télévision "Il y avait des armes à bord, nous ne pouvions donc pas naturellement laisser ces bateaux briser le blocus", a-t-il ajouté. "Nous avions estimé qu'il y avait des ennemis à bord. Nous n'avions pas d'autre choix (que d'engager cet assaut

"An Israeli ambassador suggests links between the militants and al-Qaeda

According to the Israeli ambassador to Denmark, Arthur Avnon, "before the fleet entered Israeli waters, rumors ran that the organizers (of this action) had connections with the terrorist network Al Qaeda." "Those on board were not so innocent (...) and I can not imagine that another country would have reacted differently," [translation by Ry]

I'll will just add that they were in international waters not Israeli waters, not that either case would make a difference. What Israel did was wrong no matter what.

NTS Notes: Now the Israelis are getting desperate in their vain attempts to deflect any world criticism of their heinous murders. This however is the most outrageous accusation so far from these criminals. Considering also that "Al Qaeda" does not exist, and is just a creation of the Mossad, this is doubly outrageous and laughable!

One more for my Files Of Absurdity. Guaranteed there will be plenty more in the coming days especially when it comes to the Zionist Jewish controlled media spin doctors working overtime in their attempts to cover this act of outright murder.

More to come



Anonymous said...

As the terrorist state of Israel has used its military to murder in International waters the defenseless citizens of sovereign nations, that constitutes an act of war against those nations, wouldn't you say?


Northerntruthseeker said...

It is an act of war, but which of the Zionist Jewish controlled countries will actually show the balls to attack their masters in Israel?

Sadly, the victims of this atrocity may never see justice!