Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Ever More Pervasive Darkness Of This World

There are so many things happening today that it is hard to focus on one subject in particular. We are watching an environmental disaster occurring in the Gulf of Mexico where everyone is finger pointing in trying to find the cause and the culprits behind the Oil spill, while racing to find any solution to avoid a disaster. We also know that there is a continuing buildup towards an attack on Iran based upon false pretenses, especially to get the American public to support fighting and dying for the state of Israel. Meanwhile, new evidence is coming forward rapidly now that proves beyond any shadow of a doubt that the Zionist state of Israel was fully behind the attacks of 9-11! We can also see how Barry Soetoro's Presidency has been a wreck as he continues to bow to his Zionist Jewish masters while the country's economy is falling to pieces. It is so hard to find any good news when all you see are these disasters unfolding.

For my blog, I want to bring forward a great article from Smoking Mirrors, at www.smokingmirrors.blogspot.com. In this article, the author describes the increasingly bad news and evil actions taking place on the planet, and he describes this fall towards evil, chaos, and despair: "The Ever More Pervasive Darkness Of This World". Here is that article:

Tuesday, May 11

The Ever More Pervasive Darkness of this World.

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What a smorgasbord of possibilities is laid out upon the buffet table of the moment. They say you can read the future in the actions of the past; if you can trust historians. One might say that every person possessed of even elementary consciousness knows that some acts lead to trouble and some acts are benign. Then again, people have died for trusting the appearance of someone in distress when it was only a con. That said, I’ve always trusted in divine inspiration, probably because every other method failed.

Maybe truth is on a need to know basis which counterpoints the proliferation of the group-assumed- ‘I don’t want to know’ -movement that seems to gather force with every passing day. One of the things that my security clearance allows for is to see around the corner based on the personality and intentions of the one rounding it.

I watched Ahmadinejad’s speech at the U.N. He was measured and respectful. He was less direct than I would have been but he is the leader of a nation and I am not. Well, let’s review a few things and you are welcome to accept what I have to say or disprove it. You’ll still come to the same conclusion, like it or not.

The U.S. experienced a major attack on 9/11/2001. The perpetrators were identified as Arabs who were members of Al Qaeda. Across the span of time to this moment it has been conclusively proven in the minds of those who do want to know that it was actually carried out by Israel and obliging members of various security forces. It has also been proven in the words of high level intelligence operatives that there is no Al Qaeda.

In the meantime, over the course of torturous years, Afghanistan and Iraq have been subjected to a vicious, unproductive genocide at the behest of the source which carried out 9/11 in the first place. Now this source wants to do the same to Iran since Iran was the original filling in the sandwich they were making and always the primary objective.

I saw a movie tonight called The Cove and it pretty much demonstrates what governments are like and what the people who work for them are like and the commercial interests that drives the governments that work for the commercial interests. There were some fine and dedicated people in the movie and it made me sad that I wasn’t one of them. I feel left out of the opportunity to make a positive impact on the world. Maybe I’m just not that bright and skilled and maybe it’s just my karma because even the simple fact of holding my existence together sometimes seems to be more that I am capable of.

Now these utter scoundrels at British Petroleum have caused a disaster that could have been prevented if they hadn’t been behaving like psychopathic merchants of greed trying to squeeze every bloody knuckle out of their operations without having the class or compassion to provide proper safety methods. This really can’t be argued about because they’ve been caught out at criminal mischief on several occasions. They’re emblematic of those similar shitheels; the central banking vampires and the whores of a government that serve them around the world.

They have caused a disaster that is quite possibly greater than anything we have ever seen before. It’s possible that this massive fuckup could pollute even larger bodies of water around the world. There’s no telling how much devastation this is going to cause; how far reaching it may be. You’ve dealing with eco-systems that all interconnect and it appears that sooner or later and quite possibly right now, their religious self interest is finally going to culminate in something that changes the world forever and may wipe out more people than remain in the aftermath.

Observing Obama in operation makes my skin crawl. He doesn’t do anything that doesn’t serve the interests of his masters and appointing Goldman Sachs lackey, Kagan to the Supreme Court pretty much says it all. Then, of course, there’s all the military adventurism around the world where people are in no position to protect themselves against American military might. Hardly a week passes when I don’t think less of this man that I had previously. He’s far more evil and narcissistic than I ever imagined. He’s an embarrassment to the human race and in the very worst position for one to be in.

It’s patently clear now that all the warnings that have been given out about the NWO are all true. All that’s been said about the Central Banks/Federal Reserve has been proven in spades. It’s clear that certain powerful interests have made the possibility of actualized death threats against government employees and elected officials a reality. They crash the stock market to makes their points in another way. Pretty much everything bad that is happening is because of these individuals who have sold their souls to the devil and it’s all about the money and the power it confers. They don’t care about anyone but themselves and god help you if you get in their way. I can only think of them as a mutant form of crocodile-swine-sharks; out of control eating machines that simply devour whatever is in front of them.

They’re fine with it. They don’t have a second thought or lose a moments sleep over behaving like demons as if it were some exalted state in which everything has been turned upside down and backwards, where vice has become virtue and as a result of their being and acting like obvious and indefensible criminals they have corrupted some large part of the hoi polloi below them. Criminals at the top always result in a large percentage of criminals at the bottom. Also their rapacious activity steals the most from the people who have the least and makes criminal behavior unavoidable in order to survive.

Lately, given what I have seen, it appears as if Hell reigns on Earth. You can’t find a decent individual in any corporation or government on Earth. I don’t doubt there are some rare exceptions but I find it near impossible to identify any of them and they are all in some sort of rogue robot mode of relentless predation upon life in all directions.

There seems to be no possible solution besides world revolution and I am certain we need the invisible helping hand as well.

I haven’t written anything in awhile because I just don’t know what to say. It becomes very fatiguing to have to say what I am presently saying. I wait through the days for some noble act, some activity I can praise… something uplifting but if it’s out there I can’t see it. The movie was a real kick in the chest and it did make evident that there are some wonderful people out there; gifted and courageous human beings but it seems to be all too few all too often. If we ever needed divine intervention we need it now. Not that many people even believe in it in any up close and personal way. Some huge majorities pays lip service to the indoctrinations of their childhood and live out the convenient lies that have been overlaid upon the face of the truth. For myself I know that a real and permanent hierarchy exists beyond and above the depravities of the temporal hierarchies. I can’t assume to know what is in the mind of that sublime and more rarefied realm. I only know we could use some direct evidence now, which would make those mentioned in this piece, tremble in their boots.

I’m making adjustments in my own life so that whatever does come, my mind and heart will be clear. Personally I am tired of not living up to my own standards of what is right. Probably the worst thing we can do it to deceive ourselves. We’ve got plenty of examples in operation at the moment. It just seems really important at the moment not to give in to despair and not to allow negative influences to set the pace of what we think and say and do. We all make mistakes in this life but sometimes we go on repeating them for longer than is sane or safe. Sooner or later one has to wake up and completely embody what they claim to believe. There probably is no better time than now, given what we are being shown with each new day.

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NTS Notes: I myself find it painful at times to put up articles in this blog. There is so very little good news out there when all you see is trouble and such terrible evil taking place around the world.

I too have made some adjustments in my life over the last few years in preparation for a worst case scenario, while hoping that that scenario never takes place. I honestly hope that things do not become as bleak as many predict will happen. If enough people are awakened to the truth in time, we can still save this planet from a future filled with tyranny, enslavement, and human suffering. The time to awaken the masses is now!

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