Monday, May 31, 2010

Criminal Murderer Netanyahu Cancels Meeting With Puppet Soetoro In Wake Of His Country's Murderous Attack On Gaza Flotilla

I have been watching the Zionist Jewish controlled media continue to spin at high speed in their vain attempts to find absolutely anything that makes their masters in Israel look good in spite of their murderous attack on the Gaza humanitarian aid flotilla. Their vain attempts are absolutely laughable and disgusting.

Now I want to put up an article from the Zionist Jewish propaganda mouthpiece, Haaretz, at that comes in the wake of the Israeli murder of innocent people on the high seas. This latest spin declares that the arch criminal himself, Netanyahu, has now "canceled" his meeting with US President Barry Soetoro in the wake of his country's massacre on the high seas. The BS meter is just exploding in this article:

Netanyahu cancels Obama meeting in wake of deadly Gaza flotilla clashes

Barak: Organizers of Gaza flotilla to blame for deadly clashes; IDF chief: Soldiers were forced to respond with live fire.

By Barak Ravid

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu decided Monday to cancel his visit to the United States, where he had been invited to meet with U.S. President Barack Obama, in the wake of the deadly clashes that occurred after Israel Navy troops stormed a convoy of international activists carrying aid to the Gaza Strip.

Israel has defended the Navy's decision to open fire on the activists during the interception of the boat. At least 10 of the left-wing activists were killed in the incident, and several more wounded. Seven of the Israeli soldiers were wounded during the clashes, two of them seriously.

Defense Minister Ehud Barak said earlier Monday that the organizers of the Gaza aid flotilla were to blame for the violent events aboard the ship.

In a press conference hours after the incident, Barak said that Israel was prepared to accept the consequences of its actions and would continue to protect its autonomy.

Barak voiced regret for the deaths, but called the flotilla a political provocation and said the sponsors of the flotilla were violent supporters of a terror organization.

Israel Defense Forces Chief of Staff Gabi Ashkenazi, meanwhile, said the soldiers were forced by violent activists to respond with live fire.

Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon said earlier Monday that the organizers of the Gaza aid flotilla have connections to international terrorist organizations such as Hamas and Al-Qaida, and called the aid convoy a violent and provocative attempt to break the blockade on Gaza.

Ayalon, speaking at a press conference at the Foreign Ministry, said that Israel found weapons aboard the Gaza flotilla, which were used against IDF troops.

The deputy foreign minister said that the Gaza flotilla did not heed Israel's calls to halt its movement toward Gaza on Monday morning, and stressed that no sovereign country would have allowed such a provocation to take place.

"We couldn't allow the opening of a corridor of smuggling arms and terrorists," said Ayalon.

The deputy foreign minister told reporters that Israel does not want to fight with any country, but that the incident on the Gaza flotilla is not yet over.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu canceled his imminent trip to the United States, in wake of the deaths of at least 10 people after Israel Navy troops boarded a flotilla of ships heading to the Gaza Strip carrying aid.

Netanyahu, who was in Ottawa at the time of the incident, had planned to travel to Washington at the invitation of President Barack Obama.

The Israeli military said at least 10 people were killed after its troops came under fire while intercepting the convoy as it headed for the Gaza Strip.

Trade and Industry Minister Benjamin Ben-Eliezer voiced regret Monday morning for deaths aboard the Gaza-bound ships.

"The images are certainly not pleasant. I can only voice regret at all the fatalities," Ben-Eliezer told Army Radio.

NTS Notes: Netanyahu cancels his meeting with Soetoro, but more like he was in fear of his life from a very angry populace that has had enough of Israeli crimes against humanity. This criminal obviously ordered the assault being the Prime Minister, and therefore the criminal state of Israel's Commander in Chief. This man should be arrested immediately, and put into jail for this international war crime!

And where the hell is the Canadian press in all of this? I have stated that the compliant US Zio-media is spinning this story to make Israel look good, but I have not seen much from the Zio-stooges in Canada either. Just shows how much the Zionist Jews control this country just as much as their total control over the United States!

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