Friday, May 21, 2010

Again, America, YOU Voted For These Traitors!

America as a nation is collapsing right before our very eyes. The United States no longer manufactures much of anything anymore, having offshored all of its major manufacturing base to foreign countries all in the major corporations' pursuit of cheap labor and greed. There is little left in America for work other than service industries, the government, and of course the military. Americans themselves are losing their jobs by the thousands daily, and many are left destitute and living in tent cities. The American economy is a shambles, being crushed by a 14 TRILLION DOLLAR debt owed to criminal Private Banks, and there is no hope of any recovery or repayment of that debt.

America is a mess, plain and simple.

But lo, and behold, here comes the compliant Zionist Jewish controlled House of Representatives in Washington giving even MORE money to the criminal Zionist state of Israel, while American citizens are now starving on the streets of that once great nation. Here is an article from that gives all the sordid details of this latest treasonous move by the very people that the American public has "elected" to represent THEM:

In 410-4 Vote, House Approves Millions in Extra Funding for Israel’s Missile Defense

$205 Million in Addition to Billions in Military Aid Already Provided

by Jason Ditz, May 20, 2010

Despite moving at a snail’s pace on most policy decisions, the Obama Administration was still able to muster surprising alacrity when it came down to providing Israel with additionalmoney.

So exactly one week after President Obama decided that the US should provide Israel with an extra $205 million in military aid to pay for its “Iron Dome” missile defense system, the House of Representatives passed the measure, with a 410-4 margin.

The first phase of development, test runs, and manufacture of the system is expected to cost NIS 800 million, meaning the US funding will pay for materially all of this phase. The $205 million is above and beyond the roughly $3 billion in military aid the US sends to Israel annually.

House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Howard Berman said the vote was vital, citing “the looming threat of a nuclear-armed Iran.” Of course it could be pointed out yet again that America’s own National Intelligence Estimate shows Iran having no such program, but in this case it doesn’t even matter.

The Iron Dome system is intended for “very short range” rocket fire, primarily the intermittent rockets from the Gaza Strip that hit open fields in southern Israel, and would be completely useless against any missile from as far away as Iran, nuclear or otherwise.

In fact, this was one of the major reasons Israel was seeking the money, as many questioned the wisdom of spending $50,000 per missile to shoot down commodity rockets that cost only a few hundreds dollars apiece, and the Israeli military declined to include the project in its own budget.

The four Representatives voting against the resolution were John Conyers (D – MI), Dennis Kucinich (D – OH), Ron Paul (R – TX), and Pete Stark (D – CA)

NTS Notes: Each one of these 410 Congressmen are nothing but traitors and stooges to their Zionist masters. They know where their money comes from and they bow down, like the good slaves they are, to the wishes of their Jewish overlords when called upon.

Again, people are starving in the streets of America today,and here their traitorous Government gives more money to a foreign power which totally controls the United States government! How can people stand this and where is the outcry from the American people?

Remember all of these traitors when it comes to election time, America. They do not give a damn about you, their constituents, and only answer to their masters in Tel Aviv. America definitely needs elected officials that answer to Americans first, second, third, and always!

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