Friday, April 9, 2010

The WikiLeaks Video Of American Apache Helicopter Killing Innocent Iraqi Civilians

When the reports came out this week about WikiLeaks putting out a video of an American Apache Helicopter killing unarmed and innocent Iraqi civilians in Baghdad in 2007, almost all of the Zionist media sources avoided it at all cost, and instead continued to inundate Americans with their BS news reports. That alone was disturbing.

Now it seems that this video has been going viral over the Internet, and after finally viewing it myself, I can see why! I am placing the entire video here for all of my readers that have not seen it yet, to finally see what is so disturbing. I must put out a warning first; What you are about to see is very graphic and very real:

NTS Notes: Is this what the American occupation in Iraq has finally become? This is another example as to why this occupation is all wrong and America should withdraw from Iraq as quickly as possible.

The United States invaded Iraq back in 2003 for three reasons. One was to remove their own CIA operative, Saddam Hussein, from power. The second was for the state of Israel to remove another nation from being a threat to their hegemony over the entire region by using their puppets in the US to invade the threat of Iraq, and for the Americans to do all the fighting! The third was to secure Iraq's oil fields AND to reopen the Mossul-Haifa oil pipeline to Israel so that Iraqi oil can flow freely into Israel itself over this pipeline.

Few people in America have ever heard of the Mossul-Haifa oil pipeline, but the original line was opened in the late 1940's and was closed after Israel became a nation in 1948. The pipeline was never dismantled, is still there intact, and right now the US has built a long array of "bases" along the pipeline's length in Iraq to ensure the oil flows to their masters in Israel. This again shows that American soldiers are fighting and dying in Iraq for the state of Israel!

Right now this occupation has cost the American taxpayers over 1 TRILLION dollars, and the Zionist controlled American government has no intentions of withdrawing from Iraq any time soon. American soldiers will therefore continue to fight and die only for Israel's benefits. As I have always asked.... Where is the outcry from the American public?

Well, there you go... I have the video up here for my own readers to view and scrutinize. It shows the brutality of the American occupation clearly, and is a must to be spread around to others for them to view. The truth about the American occupation of Iraq must be told.

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