Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Video: Glen Beck Exposes The Global Warming Money Scam

I usually do not link much material from Glenn Beck. He is still a shill for the Zionist controlled MSM and toes the line when it comes to not revealing exactly which group (Zionist Jews) are responsible for the impending collapse of the US economy and the push for a One World Government.

However, as you will see in the following video, it appears that Glenn Beck is almost right on the money when it comes to exposing exactly why there is the push right now to ram through the new Green Tax bills through the US Legislatures. Please watch the following video, and I will have some comments afterwards:

NTS Notes: Many are still calling me crazy in my constant putting up of articles calling Global Warming a sham and a massive con. This video evidence backs up many of my own, and others' claims, that it is a fraud and a method that some people, including the main Global warming scam artist Saint Al of Gore, will get rich by scaring the people into the false belief that these new laws are required to save the planet from ourselves!

Global Warming is a scam and a fraud. It is done to take away YOUR hard earned money and to make more scam artists filthy rich. It is also one step towards the conquest of the world by the Zionist Jews through their imposition of a One World Government!

Take this video and spread it around. Again, I usually do not support Glenn Beck, but this time he has it so right!

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