Monday, April 26, 2010

Very Interesting Videos For Everyone To Watch

I came across the following 6 part videos some time ago, and I figure it would be time to add them into this blog for my readers to view.

A personal note before you view the links: I cannot comment about the findings presented in these videos due to my living in Canada and therefore subject to Canadian draconian and absolutely stupid "Hate Laws". I therefore will leave it up to my readers to judge for themselves.

Part I:

Part II:

Part III:

Part IV:

Part V:

Part VI:

NTS Notes: These videos are presented here freely and are available through Youtube for anyone to view freely. I do recommend that readers view and copy the material before they are removed for "Violations of Youtube policies".

Again, I personally have NO opinion on the subject covered in these videos due to draconian Canadian "Hate Laws", and understandably will withdraw from commenting about the material presented.

I can say however that it is sad to say that David Cole had to rescind and renounce his findings, and then apologize to the JDL, and beg for their forgiveness in 1995 for his findings and for being a "Self Hating Jew", or else the JDL would have had him killed. That sadly is fact.

So many questions that will stay unresolved due to laws preventing research into that taboo subject. Maybe someday we will have the freedom to examine that part of history closely for the truth. Truth never needs laws to support itself, only Lies do!

More to come



Anonymous said...

Yes, one must avoid Opinion Crime in Kommunist Kanada, Kommunist Germany, Kommunist France, etc etc.

Exactly no different to Kommunist Russia after their coup in 1917.

Whose coup? Well, we can't say publicly. Truth is Opinion Crime, in Kommunist Kanada.

Forbidden Truth website has a series of 12 videos which Ernst made prior to imprisonment for 7 years after being found guilty of Opinion Crime.

The 12 vids an interview Ernst granted to a jew journaliast from Apartheid Palestine. I think Ernst's final comment in the last video is a spot on prediction.

It's only a matter of time.

~ Anonymous ('cause I wouldn't want to be arrested for Opinion Crime like Ernst, Sylvia, Horst, Germar, Gerd, etc etc etc etc......)

Northerntruthseeker said...

Its ok, Anonymous....

I sometimes sit here in front of my computer, and I can almost hear the wailing of the police sirens, and the sound of the Jackbooted Kanadian Thought Police at my door!

It may be only a matter of time before they come up with some type of trumped up phony crime to make sure that nobody can question the "Holy-co$t"...

Kangaroo Court with a Zionist Jewish Judge awaits!