Friday, April 9, 2010

Should Christians Support Israel? (Video)

When I first heard of Dr. David Duke years ago, it was through the Zionist controlled MSM. These totally biased news services bashed David Duke constantly, calling him a racist and a Neo-Nazi. Few people were able at the time to actually investigate and find out the truth about this individual, and therefore many believed these BS news sources.

David Duke found out the truth about Zionist Judaism and their control over the American government years ago. Now with the power of the Internet, many people are having a second look at this American Patriot, and realizing that he is in no way a "racist" or a "Neo-Nazi" but instead has been telling the truth all along!

Here now, I want to present the latest, in an ever growing list of great videos, that has just been released by Dr. David Duke. It asks the hard question: Should Christians Support Israel? It is probably one of David Duke's finest videos and a must see:

NTS Notes: I may not be religious, but the message here does pertain to all people of moral values, and not just Christians. Zionist Judaism is a poison and is destroying family values on purpose to bring in their dreams of enslavement of the masses and world domination that has been long outlined in their dastardly Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. That, sadly is fact!

Please spread this video around, and get people up to speed about the truth about David Duke and his fine work. After watching his videos over the past year, I myself have come to the conclusion that David Duke definitely is not a "racist" or a "Neo Nazi" as the Zionist Jews have labeled on purpose to shut down his important messages. Hopefully others will feel the same way!

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