Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Possibly The Greatest Fraud In Human History! (And Not A Peep From The Zionist Controlled MSM)

The United States as it sits right now is teetering on the verge of total economic collapse. There is absolutely no doubt anymore in my mind that this collapse has been orchestrated by a group of very dastardly criminals who want to see the demise of America and possibly the enslavement of all of its people. I am continuing in my own research and putting up of articles for all people, including those in America to alert them of crimes that could signal that collapse.

One very important piece that points towards the impending collapse is the recent revelations brought forward via several websites, including www.iamthewitness.com, that the Gold and Silver markets have been purposely manipulated by criminals to the point that it is now a multi-TRILLION dollar fraud. Recently, one very brave individual named Andrew Maguire has come forward with some very important information on the Gold Market manipulation, and there is an amazing video out that gives detail into this ponzi scheme. Here is that video:

And I want to present the entire King World audio interviews with Andrew Maguire discussing this market manipulation here:

Part I:


And the followup, as Part II:


And to further back all of these allegations, Bill Murphy did an audio internet interview with Darryl Bradford Smith from www.iamthewitness.com to fully back up Andrew Maguire's claims and to add further detail to this scam. I am presenting that entire interview here:


NTS Notes: This is probably THE greatest scam in human history, and like in my title for this article, not one peep from the Zionist controlled Mainstream media outlets! That figures, because the criminals involved in this scam are mostly, if not entirely, Zionist Jews who control the Gold trading markets, and who are out to control all of the world's Gold and Silver supplies, thus bring down nations as a result!

Get that video and all of these audio interviews out, readers. We the people must demand an immediate investigation into this scheme. The damage is in the TRILLIONS of dollars, and could destroy entire economies!

More to come


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