Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Parasites Among Us

I am truly amazed as to how the United States continues to commit itself first and foremost to the "security" of the criminal state of Israel. I am amazed at how the American public continues to listen to their Zionist Jewish controlled MSM and without question supports all of the Pro-Israel rhetoric that they are subjected to on a daily basis. It is absolutely disgusting.

I came across the following video, through Youtube, that was presented as a Pro-Israel CNN article. It shows how the Zionist Jews go out among the American public spreading their propaganda, and taking American money for their "fundraising" for building more illegal settlements in Palestine. The video is called: "I was never fully American, I was Jewish!", but I would rather give it the true title of The Parasites Among Us! Here is that video:

NTS Notes: I am truly amazed at American society that it allows these traitorous criminal to go out, spread their lies, and collect money from them to illegally occupy the region of Palestine, and kill the Palestinian people. The woman in this video is a traitor, and a parasite, period. For her to hold dual citizenship between the United States and Israel is a joke, because her first love is Israel first and foremost!

One other thing that has come up and it continues to disturb me. The people who follow the religion of Talmudic or Torah based Judaism call themselves the "Jewish Race". This has always disturbed me because when one is a follower of Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, etc, they are their countries nationality first, and their religion second! They are not the "Islamic race" or the "Christian race" or the "Buddhist race" at all. I for one am a Canadian, and a Christian, but I am a Canadian by nationality, and my race is Caucasian or White. I am not of the "Christian Race" at all. Therefore, For these so called "Jews" to call themselves a "race" is a massive lie and falsehood, because these "Jews" ARE a mixture of all races and come from all nationalities. The majority of them (90%) are Khazars, and their race is actually Indo-Turkish! This idea of a "Jewish race" appears to be a smokescreen, and nothing more than another of the long list of falsehoods concocted by these parasites as a very false method of trying to keep their lie of "uniqueness" and to prevent assimilation and joining into any society. It is no wonder that they have never blended into any society, and have been instead the parasites and outcasts of society. Bottom line is, to me they are not a distinct "race" at all!

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Anonymous said...

12I am ashamed you claim to be canadian. I understand your right to speak your level of understanding and frustration. However, just because you were born in canada does not make you canadian. canadians love freedom. Canadians love peace. Canadians love people. A Canadian knows the meaning of us and them. When we finish a hockey game there is only us who exit and we all use the same door, which is unlocked and free to pass through for those who wish to watch rather than be part of the results which matter. It matters how you play the game. Not who prospered today. The world is full of organizations which strive to protect its members, it asks its members to give up lifes responsiblities to ensure safety. The responsiblity however of actual safety despite rights surrendered still have individual consequences. I wonder why I need to have an opinion about a place I do not live in. For if I don't live in that enviroment I have no vested interest other than its possible effects on my own life. The ability to defends ones self right to life is human. The ability to stand up against physical, mental and emotional threats of these terrors is a Canadian attribute. We seem to have the ability to call people on their hidden selfish self centered motives of promoting fear and hatred. and hindering others to finding better self fullilying lives. It sickened me as a human to read any of this.

Northerntruthseeker said...

Really.... You are ashamed.... I am ashamed that you cannot see the parasites for who they are!

But again, you are entitled to your opinion.... I am not swayed by those who find the negativity in these articles...It goes with the territory!