Tuesday, April 13, 2010

More Lies Revealed: Famous Iranian Protester Neda's Death Was FAKED!

The Israelis will do anything to get their puppets in the US Government to attack Iran. They are also going all out in getting their controlled MSM to try to convince a more pessimistic American public that Iran needs to be attacked to prevent it from seeking Nuclear Weapons. Their media does a great job in concealing the true facts that Iran does not want Nuclear Weapons, and that the criminal Zionist state of Israel is the real threat with its HUNDREDS of Nuclear Weapons!

People do remember last year the MSM pictures and videos from the protests conducted in Tehran after Iranian elections in June, 2009. People also remember that a young woman was supposedly shot by Iranian police during this protest. Many people remember her only by the name of "Neda".
Her death was used by the Zionist controlled MSM to vilify Iran and to further their claims that Iran must be attacked and subdued.

However, new factors are now coming forward that exposes this so called "murder" as a fraud. Here is a new Youtube video that shows clearly that Neda was NOT killed by Iranian police, but was used as a tool by the MSM to further vilify Iran! Here is that video:

NTS Notes: As always, the criminal MSM has been lying to the public. It is obvious that the Israelis are responsible for the protest, and they are also responsible for Neda's death. Guaranteed that after her photo expose with the fake blood on her face, she was under the false belief that she did her part and she would stay alive, only to be shot by a small caliber gun shortly after this faked death video scene by one of her own handlers.

Again, this was an obvious and very sickening attempt by the Israelis to use their control over the Mainstream Media in getting the American public onside for their new war against Iran.
People must be made aware that throughout history there has been this kind of evil tactic used as propaganda to promote a war agenda.

One other important note:This ploy does remind me of how a Kuwaiti government diplomat's own daughter fooled the world into believing she was a Kuwaiti Hospital nurse who used the fake "babies being killed in incubators" by Iraqi soldiers as bait to convince the American public of the need to attack Iraq back in 1990 during the first Gulf War!

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