Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Lebanese Leaders Say Israel May Drag Its US Puppets Into A New War

The Government of Lebanon are no fools. They have watched over the last few years as the Israelis have sent their warplanes over southern Lebanon and even launched small incursions into that country. They know that Israel is wanting a new war against Lebanon so that they can invade southern Lebanon all the way to the Litani River. Israel is needing a new source of fresh water, desperately, and the Litani River has been coveted by the Zionists for a very long time.

Now according to this new article from www.presstv.ir, the Lebanese Government is putting out a warning that Israel may drag its US puppets into a new war for their evil intentions. Here is that article:

'Israel may drag US into new war'
Mon, 12 Apr 2010 12:40:01 GMT

Lebanese Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri

Lebanese Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri has expressed fears that Israel may attempt to involve the US in a new aggression against Lebanon or the Gaza Strip.

"Because of Israel's current disagreements with the US, the Israeli side could get the US involved in what is a 'crazy move,'" Berri was quoted as saying by Arab daily Asharq al-Awsat .

He added that there were no guarantees that Israel would not start another war in the region.

In 2006, Israel fought a 33-day war against Lebanon, aimed at destroying Hezbollah's military power but eventually left the battle scene without achieving any of its objectives.

In August 2006, the United Nations Security Counsel passed Resolution 1701, which called on Israel to withdraw its troops from Lebanon.

The Lebanese resistance movement has reportedly doubled its military might since its victory over Tel Aviv in the war.


NTS Notes: As I have clearly stated, the Lebanese are no fools and can see what the Israelis true intentions are. The Israelis want to destroy the Gaza Strip and basically murder over the 1.5 million people there. That, sadly, is fact! They also want a new war against Lebanon by all means possible to secure the Litani River for their water supply. That also is fact. Getting their American puppets to fight their wars, especially against Iran and Syria, for them is also clearly and very sadly fact!

More news to spread around, readers. Lets get people up to speed on the truth facts about Israel's quest for new wars for its territorial expansion.

More to come


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