Sunday, April 11, 2010

Janes Defense Weekly: Israel Ranks 6th In Ranking Amongst World's Nuclear Powers With Up To 300 Nuclear Bombs!

I decided to take a bit of a break this weekend, and spend time with family. Even though this blog is very important in getting crucial information out to readers, family still comes first!

For this article, I want to focus on the true reasons why the criminal Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, refused to attend a conference on Nuclear Weapons in Washington. The reasons are simple: Israel has hundreds of Nuclear Weapons, but because it is not a signor of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation treaty, and therefore in violation of the United States' own Symington Amendment of 1976 ( ), it refuses to acknowledge its weapons, preferring to remain ambiguous when it comes to its true status as a member of the Nuclear Weapons club!

The simple fact is, and most Americans must definitely be brought up to speed on this, is that if the Zionist state ever "reveals" the truth as to its nuclear arsenal, then it will immediately be cut of from American "aid" instantly due to the Symington Amendment. Also, since it has possessed nuclear weapons for decades, ALL of the so called American aid sent to the Zionist nation since 1977. would in theory have to be classified as illegally stolen, and possibly returned to the United States! I doubt very much that all of this TRILLIONS of dollars of so called aid sent to the evil Jewish state would be returned, but the immediate cutoff of all aid would be substantial, and could spell even the end to the Jewish dream of world empire. It is no wonder that the criminal state of Israel remains ambiguous to its status as a Nuclear Weapons state!

To further back up the known fact that Israel possesses hundreds of nuclear weapons, I turn to this article from, that draws its information from the British publication, Jane's Weekly, that states clearly that Israel possesses somewhere in the neighbourhood of 300 Nuclear Weapons. Here is that article:

Israel ranks 6th with up to 300 nukes

Sun, 11 Apr 2010 07:50:01 GMT

An aerial image of the Dimona nuclear facility

Analysts for a reputable military journal have rated Israel as the world's sixth nuclear power, alongside Britain, with up to 300 nuclear warheads.

Citing comments by British security experts, the British
Jane's Defense Weekly has revealed that Tel Aviv is currently in possession of between 100 and 300 nuclear warheads.

The firepower was more or less equal to that of the United Kingdom, the publication said.

The armaments, it added, were deployable via land, air or sea and could be rendered “fully” combat ready “within days.”

According to the International Institute of Strategic Studies, based in London, Israel's strategic strength is based on short-range ground missiles Jericho 1, and intermediate range Jericho 2 missiles.

Based on Jane's report, the scope of Jericho 1 has increased from 1500km to 4500 km. Since 2005, Israel has also added the Jericho 3 long-range missile with a targeting range of 7800 km to its stockpile.

The journal says in addition to conventional atomic warheads, some observers believe Israel has also developed tactical nuclear arms in the form of landmines and artillery shells.

Since 1958, when it began building its widely-reported Dimona plutonium and uranium processing facility, Israel has reportedly manufactured scores of the warheads, earning reputation as the sole owner of such hardware in the Middle East.

Former US president Jimmy Carter, aerial footage and decades of recurrent reporting have attested to the existence of the arsenal.

Despite the high-profile accusations that Israel introduced the weapons into the Middle East, Tel Aviv maintains a policy of deliberate ambiguity on the matter and has so far refused to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) — a treaty which seeks to limit the spread of such weapons of mass destruction.

The US and its other European allies, however, have so far kept silent about Israel's military nuclear activities.


NTS Notes: People everywhere know that Israel has Nukes. There is absolutely no doubt about that. However the criminal state of Israel continues to use its world wide Mainstream Media to declare its "innocence" when it comes to this subject, and continue to vilify the state of Iran falsely by stating that the Iranian nation wants nuclear weapons and could be a "threat" to Nuclear Israel!

The truth is that the only threat in the Middle East is the Zionist nation with its hundreds of Nukes. Their insane "Samson" option is still in play, and if the Zionist Jewish state is ever threatened with its destruction, it will turn its hundreds of nuclear bombs loose on nations around the world, and could kill hundreds of millions of innocent people!

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Anonymous said...

Israeli private companies run the security where nuclear weapons are stored in America and many other countries… (don't forget... they are experts in security...)

gaoni said...


terminator said...

As a Jew I am proud of Israel's Nuclear (Nukes) arsenal. We can and will defend ourselves. Never again will the world kill us and get away with it.

Rabbi Dr katherine hans Von Rotes Schild Zitler

Northerntruthseeker said...

Proud of weapons of mass killing? Wow...

But that seems to go with the territory when it comes to a people basing their entire existence on evil Talmudic script that seems to love death and destruction...

And about the world "killing us" and getting away with it... I would need an answer from one of the racist "chosenites" as to why these evil people have been kicked out of 79 countries in recorded history? There is an obvious reason why, and it comes from the parasitic nature of Talmudic Judaism...

terminator said...

The talmud is a dialogue that looks at every area of an argument. You must read the Talmud completely. Thus taking a few Talmudic verses here and there is nonsense. In the past we could not defend ourselves and thus everyone hit us, but that day is long gone.

terminator said...

You cannot take a few Talmudic verses here and there to make a case because the Talmud is a dialogue that looks at the entire issue. You must take the whole thing. In the past we could not defend ourselves so we were attack by everyone, but that day is long gone. Never again.

Northerntruthseeker said...

The talmud is not dialogue.. It is a piece of garbage filled with such filth and hatred of everyone other than the so called "chosen ones"...

The evil Talmud teaches about the rest of mankind as nothing more than cattle, and that the best of the so called "goyim" are to be killed!!! How can anyone defend that???

And dont get me started about the sickness in that book when it comes to sexual misdeeds... How can someone defend a piece of filth that teaches that its ok to have sex with 3 year olds????

Give your head a shake... That isnt dialogue... Its hatred and filth!