Thursday, April 22, 2010

Germany Is Set To "Sell" Israel Submarines

OK.... Some time ago, I put up an article about how the Israelis were asking the German government for them to give for free some German built sophisticated surface warships. There was a massive outcry by the German opposition as to why Germany would continue to obey its Zionist masters and give Billions of dollars worth of military hardware for free to the corrupt Zionist state.

But now, there is a new article from, that states that Germany is ready to "sell" some sophisticated Dolphin Submarines to the Zionist state. Here is the article, with my comments to follow:

Germany set to sell Israel submarines

Press TV – April 22, 2010

New reports say Israel is planning to establish a deep-sea navy and is negotiating with Germany over the purchase warships and submarines.

According to a report published by United Press International, Germany will supply Israel with three more Dolphin class attack submarines, several warships, and possibly two MEKO A-100 corvettes.

The MEKO variant sought by the Tel Aviv regime costs an estimated $300 million.

The warship, with a range of 4,635 miles, can carry one medium-size helicopter and 24 weapons systems — 16 ship-to-shore and eight anti-ship missile launchers adapted to US weapons as well as air-defense missiles and automatic cannon.

Citing an unnamed Israeli source, the UPI report said that the Israeli navy would like even more Dolphins.

“Our ideal number would be nine — enough to ensure we have the necessary assets at sea to cover all relevant threats and targets,” UPI quoted the source as saying.

Israel had begun the negotiations over the program in October 2007 when the Israel Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Gabi Ashkenazi visited Berlin.

The expansion program, which will transform the regime’s navy into a deep-water navy, has provoked outrage among German opposition parties, including the Social Democrats, who say weapons should not be sent to “crisis zones.”

However, Germany has provided special discounts on arms sales to Israel in the past. The Tel Aviv regime’s 2006 order for two Dolphin class submarines was approved despite the Social Democrats’ opposition to the deal.

NTS Notes: If Israel is to "buy" these submarines from Germany, then they will be paid for with US taxpayer dollars! How does it feel, America, to know that your hard earned tax dollars are being sent off to the Zionist regime, and they are turning around and buying deadly offensive weapons with it?

These Dolphin Submarines that Israel is wanting from Germany are NOT defensive weapons. They are highly stealthy, and are platforms for the launching cruise missiles. With Israel possessing hundreds of nuclear weapons, and if they tip these cruise missiles with these nuclear bombs, Israel will be able to project its power all over the globe, and will be a threat to all nations around the globe!

Again, American hard earned tax dollars going towards turning Israel into a threat to the entire planet!

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