Friday, April 30, 2010

From The Files Of Absurdity, Volume CXIX: The US Ambassador To Mexico Is An Idiot!

Sometimes when I read the latest news coming out of the Global Warming fear camp, I cannot believe what these people are trying to convey to the general public. There seems to be no stopping of their false rhetoric in trying to scare the people into bleeding more money in the form of taxes from the public. It is down right sickening!

Now to add a new file to my Files Of Absurdity, we have this latest tidbit from the American Ambassador to Mexico, who is falsely claimed to be an "Expert In Climate Change"! I wonder what College some of these public officials graduated from, because their knowledge of Science, AND Geography in general, is seriously lacking. Obviously, it does not take brains to become a US Ambassador. Here is that article courtesy of It is a real laugher:

US ambassador to Mexico: Climate change will sink Cuba

Mexico - The political problems between Cuba and the United States will be resolved in 50 years when the island disappears under water because of climate change, said Carlos Pascual, the U.S. ambassador in Mexico City.

Mr. Pascual, born in Havana in 1959, was introduced as an “expert in climate change and renewable energy” at a Forum called Green Business Expo held at a private university in Mexico City. In his talk he referred to the effect of global warming and rising sea levels in areas such as Florida and Cuba, according to CNN [Spanish language].
"We do not have to worry much in the United States about Cuba because the environment will eliminate the problem for us,"
Pascual said, "unless Fidel Castro can live for another 50 years and he has powers that we don’t know so far." Pascual holds a B.A. from Stanford University and obtained a Master Degree in Political Science at Harvard’s School of Government. Cuban media has qualified the remarks of the US ambassador as “arrogant and heavy-handed”. (This is the fist time this information has appeared in English language media: 14:30 PM, Toronto time).

NTS Notes: UNLESS the levels of Earth's oceans were to suddenly rise nearly 5000 feet due to "Global Warming", Cuba, which is a mountainous island, will NOT disappear in "50 years" as this idiot claims! Therefore for this Ambassador to make such an outrageous statement is both fearmongering, and an outright lie!

The Global Warming Nutcases are still at it, so it seems. They have the US Government going out and trying to put the false fear now into other countries. This shows how far they will stoop, and how ridiculous their claims have become.

One for the Files Of Absurdity, again. It does show the desperation of the Global Warmers, and how ignorant their claims have become.

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