Thursday, April 1, 2010

From The Files Of Absurdity, Volume CX: Police Conducting "Welfare Check" On 47 Year Old Woman, Shoot Her Instead!

This may be April Fools Day, but what I am putting here is absolutely no joke! In Canada we have many elderly and mentally handicapped people that are always being checked on for their own benefit. These people are sometimes known as "shut ins" and it is for their own well being or their "welfare" that these checks are conducted frequently.

However, it seems that in the United States, according to this article from the Lew Rockwell online news site at, having your "welfare" checked into can actually get you shot and killed! This is absolutely no joke, readers... Here is the article:

March 31, 2010

Police “Welfare Check” Leaves Woman Dead

Police in Franklin Township, New Jersey recently announced an innovative program “designed to improve the safety of senior citizens,” reported WCBS-TV.

Through “Operation Blue Angel,” elderly residents would leave a key to their front doors in a lockbox accessible by a combination known to police. Police doing “safety checks” of the homes would knock on the door and, if nobody responds, would use the keys to enter.

What could possibly go wrong? What does anybody have to fear from angelic armed strangers sent to check on their “welfare”?

One possible problem is demonstrated by the shooting death of a 47-year-old Prairie Village, Kansas woman this morning (March 31).

Police were sent to her apartment to conduct a “welfare check.” For some reason, the woman didn’t want to be “helped” by the friendly state functionaries with guns.

Oh, but we insist, replied the “Blue Angels,” as they summoned their khaki-clad comrades from the Tactical Squad. Eventually, because of “threats” she supposedly made against the stormtroopers, the police (in the words of a local TV reporter) “were forced to shoot her.”

NTS Notes: I am amazed as to how far the United States has now fallen into becoming a police state. It seems that the Police are now conducting the exercise of "Shoot first, and ask questions later!".

The hard questions have to be asked in this incident: Exactly what kind of VERBAL threat would a 47 year old woman make that would call for her shooting and death? And... Why would these Police have to call in a "Tactical" team with guns for one single 47 year old woman? There were no weapons on this woman, so why the SWAT style tactics, and the need for multiple Policemen with heavy ordinance?

Welcome America to your new Police State! This may be in my Files of Absurdity, but it is also a most disturbing and insane trend! Lets hope that there is massive outcry from the American public on this one.

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