Monday, April 5, 2010

Exposed: Is Elie Wiesel The Greatest Fraud Ever?

Living in Canada means that I cannot ever write any articles that deny the Holocaust. That is due to the stupidity of the Canadian public in passing the outrageous and very draconian Hate Laws back in the early 1970's. Canada has not been a free nation since, because freedom of speech and freedom of thought has been restricted by these so called "Hate Laws".

However, I can expose the charlatans who are bilking money out of people under the false pretext of them being "Holocaust Survivors". One individual who has been under great scrutiny recently is Elie Wiesel. Everyone by now has heard of this individual and his book called: "Night" which supposedly deals with his exploits in surviving several Nazi Death Camps in World War II. This man has made millions from his book and being on speaking tours to tout his exploits.

However, new revelations are coming forward that this man is a fraud. Here is one example, from the website: via Jeff Rense's website at: I am presenting this article here for my own readers to view:

Exposed - Is Elie Wiesel
The Greatest Fraud Ever?

Is Elie Wiesel the greatest LIAR in all of human history? Miklos Gruner insists that wily Elie is an impostor. Gruner spells it all out in his book: Stolen Identity (in English).

If there is, or ever was, a tattoo on Elie Wiesel's left arm - it is NOT visible on this image from a YouTube video (YouTube has now removed the video) nor anywhere else to our knowledge. Click the image for an enlarged view. The number A-7713 should be visible in a photograph or video somewhere.

Wiesel is the Bernie Madoff of the holocaust racket and scam. It is vastly bigger than ENRON. When he isn't singing and performing at DAVOS World Economic Forums, Elie Wiesel is somewhere calling for the "imprisonment" of people who dare to challenge or deny the "holocaust." Wiesel is a bigot with blood on his hands! No one personifies the hoax more than Elie. He is the no.1 hoaxer and hatemongerer of all time. For more images of Elie's arm, see the link at CODOH.

New evidence has emerged that Elie Wiesel was NOT EVEN AT Auschwitz during the war, ever, and that Elie Wiesel had simply assumed the identity of a much older relative who had been there.

A recent essay by Carlo Mattogno:

presents the evidence casting the most serious doubts about everything Wiesel has ever claimed about his self-described experiences at Auschwitz and Buchenwald. Perhaps we now know why Wiesel never visits Auschwitz for those, now annual, liberation events in January. The evidence has emerged because of the courage and determination of Eric Hunt who is waging a great legal battle with Wiesel. Will Wiesel return his Nobel Prize money and apologize to his countless victims, especially the German people, for his hateful lies? Time will tell! There is even a new video for Wiesel fans.

NTS Notes: I look at the Holocaust this way: I say that all records and historical evidence should be examined to help the believers in this part of history put all of the naysayers out of their misery! What is wrong with that? So what is stopping the governments from allowing all records to be opened to scrutiny if it helps prove that the Holocaust was real?

Again, real examination of that part of history is disallowed, and can get many people such as myself a jail sentence. BUT if charlatans like Elie Wiesel are allowed to bilk millions out of people by spreading lies, then where does lie the truth?

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Lone Wolf said...

This is very interesting stuff. We know he's a liar (geysers of blood, burning babies in pits, etc), but for Jewry to use a guy who stole another's identity and may not have even been at Auschwitz at all is just amazing.

It would be so great to see "the greatest witness of the Holocaust" widely exposed as a fraud. Wiesenthal (and many others) have already been admitted as frauds by even the jewish-controlled media. Maybe Wiesel is next.