Wednesday, April 14, 2010

America: Freedom To Fascism, Director's Cut

In honour of tomorrow being April 15th, and that most Americans must have their taxation "1040" forms in the mail or processed to insure that the IRS does not come calling on them and charging them for tax evasion, I wanted to present the following video that was released a few years ago by the movie producer, Aaron Russo. It is called "America, Freedom To Fascism", and it contains many true and startling facts about the IRS in America and exposes the entire sham and scam called the Federal Income Tax. My comments to follow:

NTS Notes: Yes, Aaron Russo was Jewish, ( He died in August, 2007) and does not name the religion of these master criminals outright, but people do know that the people in charge of the US Federal Reserve and the Internal Revenue Service in America are all Zionist Jews! And yes, it is absolutely true that the 16th amendment to the US Constitution that puts into law that people MUST pay their federal income tax has never been ratified. Therefore, America, there is absolutely NO law that states that YOU must pay your Income Tax! It is a fraud and a massive swindle that has been going on for over 80 years now in America.

Like I said, Aaron Russo did a fabulous job on this video. It is a bit tainted in that he does not name these criminals as Jews outright, but the facts are all there for anyone to see. Federal Income Taxation in America IS a crime against the citizens of the United States!

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