Monday, April 19, 2010

America: Again, YOU Voted For These Traitorous LIARS And Deceivers!

We all know by now that the United States Government is Zionist Jewish Occupied Territory. That, sadly, is fact and is backed up by an enormous amount of evidence. However, many Americans are totally unaware of that fact and continue to participate in the American electoral system under the false belief that whom ever they elect to office answers to its constituents first and foremost. Few are aware that before any Senator, or Congressman, can sit in the US Government, they must answer questions put to them to verify that they are Pro-Israel first and foremost. That makes them traitors to the American people.

If you want further proof that the US Government is nothing more than shills for the criminal state of Israel, you can look no further than the following video where US government representatives are asked the question: Does Israel Possess Nuclear Weapons?.... Watch as each elected representative squirms and weasels out of the question by avoiding the answer entirely!:

NTS Notes: This is disgusting indeed. These clowns know that Israel has Nuclear Weapons, but when they get into power they are told to keep it quiet or be removed from office and replaced with another of a long line of Israeli shills.

There is another reason that these clowns cannot answer the question, and that is due to the Symington 1976 Amendment that was passed and by law withdraws any support for any nation on teh planet that is not a signor of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. Israel is NOT a signor of that treaty, and therefore if its nuclear arsenal is revealed to the world, would have its US "aid" cutoff as part of the Symington Amendment!

It is hypocrisy at its finest when everyone knows that Israel has hundreds of nuclear weapons, and yet their shills in Washington have to vainly try to keep it a secret! Lying to the American public and supporting a foreign power first are definitely violations of US law, and these clowns should be thrown out of office for it! These Israeli shills are definitely TRAITORS to the American people who voted for them.

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