Thursday, April 15, 2010

AIPAC On US College Campuses: How They Indoctrinate The Next Generation Into Their Pro-Israel Propaganda

It is a known fact that AIPAC is a lobby of the foreign state of Israel, and is a Zionist front for the furthering of Zionist Jewish domination of the American Government and its policies. This year alone, hundreds of US politicians attended the annual AIPAC "I Love Israel" conference in Washington DC, and pledged their undying support for the Zionist state of Israel above their own constituents that got them elected in the first place. It was absolutely disgusting to see these people grovel to their Zionist Jewish masters at that conference!

But there has been one question that has bothered me for a while... How do the Zionists get their agents on the ground to the US Colleges around the country to spread and spew their propaganda there? Well, this video that I am embedding here gives the best answer to this question, and shows clearly how these Zionist Jews work to brainwash the next generation of Americans into supporting the criminal Zionist state of Israel:

NTS Notes: This is disgusting indeed. It shows the power of AIPAC in spreading their propaganda and THEIR agenda of hate to college students around the US. To me, this is also their method of having their spies placed into US Colleges to keep a lookout for any anti-Israel, or anti-Zionist forums or groups from forming or meeting, and to indoctrinate US College students into supporting Israel first! Is this brainwashing the next generation of American youth into supporting the Zionist Jewish agenda? You bet!

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Anonymous said...

Follow the money...
our congresspeople (both sides) are for sale.

Neat deal for Zionists. We give Israel 3 billion. They take about 62 million of that and through AI Pac pay off Congresspeople --to get another 3 Billion plus free weapons to kill Muslims, who in turn, then kill American Cristian soldiers ...that's right Christians! only 15 of the 4500 dead US soldiers were Jewish. Those Jewish kids were back on Wall St ripping off other Christians!!

4/15/10 5:33 PM