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The War In Afghanistan Is Lost: The View From "The Other Side"

The war in Afghanistan is lost. That is a fact and there is absolutely nothing now that can change that fact. The United States and its NATO allies are embroiled in that war for only one purpose... To protect the Opium producing Poppies from harm and to make sure that the Opium is shipped out of that country for markets worldwide. This shows clearly that our forces are fighting on the wrong, or the evil, side of this war. With absolutely no moral justification for this war, these troops should be withdrawn as quickly as possible to allow the Afghan people their absolute rights for determining their own future.

We are subjugated constantly to the reports from the Zionist controlled media giving us absolutely false reports from Afghanistan. Little truth about the fighting and the status of Afghanistan and its people are available through these BS media outlets.

However, there is still online sources that give us a clear picture of the Afghanistan war. One new article is from the website:, and it comes from the Taliban freedom fighters. It gives us more truthful information in this one article than all of the BS from our so called "media" outlets, and I want to present that article here for all of my own readers:

Afghan resistance statement
Does America Want Peace in Afghanistan?

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan


March 30, 2010

This is a main question every one asks. Does America want peace in Afghanistan? However, the following data can help us reach a rationale conclusion: At the beginning of 2009, American had 30,000 troops in Afghanistan which they increased to 68,000 soldiers until the end of the year. This shows 110 percent boost of military man power. In December 2009, US president Obama announced 30,000 more troops for Afghanistan, showing further 30% increase. In January this year in London Conference on Afghanistan, US supported Hamid Karzai program of reintegration and reconciliation with Taliban i.e. the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan. Two weeks later, on 13 February, Pentagon launched a massive military operations against Marjah township in Nad Ali district, Helmand province, violating their own commitment to work for peace in the country. Now they are talking of taking the offensive to Kandahar.

So far, America has built 700 bases in the country, the major of them being in Kandahar and Bagram. They allocate hundreds of millions of dollars each year for construction of more bases in Afghanistan. In view of these facts, no one can say America wants peace in Afghanistan. They have hidden and long-term colonialist objectives, not only in Afghanistan but in the whole region.

By using Afghanistan as outpost, Washington wants to follows its policy of expansionism, regime change and disintegration in the neighboring countries. No doubt, America has been flaring up racial discord and religious differences among the people in Afghanistan and the neighboring countries. CIA agents and black water operatives have been given task to destabilize the region as per the long-term American strategy. Those who express common cause with America, should know that Washington would never become their strategic friend. Rather it is a tactical ally which wants to use them against their own people for its colonialist objectives and then discard them as it has done this in the past.

In Afghanistan, the White House rulers and the Pentagon generals do not want peace but only want to weaken the momentum of the war. They never intend to end the war. That is why on the one hand, Robert Gates, says Taliban leadership is irreconcilable or now it is not the right time to talk with Taliban but on the other hand, they offer cash, jobs and retirement bonuses for Taliban's ranks and files. The reason is that Pentagon is not interested in ending the war but they only want to reduce the scope of attacks on their soldiers.

The Afghan Mujahideen are aware of this war stratagem of the enemy. They have shown that Americans can't deceive them by phony overtures of peace. If America really wants peace in Afghanistan, they should draw up a national strategy of reconciliation,; stop blind bombardment and night raids; release innocent prisoners and remove the blacks list, send black water and CIA agents back home from Afghanistan and close down all secret prisons in American military bases in Afghanistan which are run by intelligence teams of the Special Force. There, innocent prisoners are tortured, killed by the Special Force and drowned in Helmand River and other rivers in Afghanistan during the night, with their hands being tied up, without any legal verdict of court. The Americans are committing gross violation of human rights in Afghanistan. However, no one, including the human rights advocacy entities all over the world, raise their fingers because all these are done under the name of promoting democracy and fighting terrorism. The world still has to know that the war started under the name of terrorism is , in fact, an illegitimate war of neo-colonialism, being waged for subjugation of the Afghans and all free people.

We call on all those with wake and free conscience to raise their voice against the American brutalities and violation of humane values in Afghanistan. All should know that Americans kill children, women and old men with impunity and cross all limits in their brutalities.

:: Article nr. 64658 sent on 30-mar-2010 22:34 ECT

NTS Notes: There may be some distortions in this report, definitely. However this pales in comparison to the BS that we are given constantly from news services such as CNN, and MSNBC, and that is a fact!

The message is clear in this report from "the other side". These freedom fighters want the foreign occupiers out of their country, and that is the right of any resistance movement that wants freedom for its people.

Again, the war in Afghanistan is lost and we are fighting for all the wrong reasons, and are definitely not on the side of moral justice and international law. Its time to get the troops out and bring them home... That time is NOW!

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