Friday, March 26, 2010

Israel DID 9-11: Spread This Podcast Around

We now have all of the evidence necessary to launch murder charges against the criminal Zionists and the state of Israel for their mass murder on September 11th, 2001. There is no doubt any more that these criminals did the crime to get the United States involved in their planned wars without end for their total control over the Middle East!

Here now I want to present the link to the March 24th Podcast by the Ugly Truth radio program hosted by Mark Glenn, that gives definitive evidence backing up Dr. Alan Sabrosky's bombshell Ugly Truth radio program on March 15th that says without a shadow of a doubt that Israel did 9-11.

Here is the Podcast link:

NTS Notes: Please listen to the podcast, take it, copy it, email it to everyone you know. This MUST go viral over the Net and spread to everyone as quickly as possible because Israel is about to get their puppets in America involved in their newest war of bloodlust, this time against Iran.

It is our job in the real truth movement to get the truth out. I am doing my job, and it is up to readers to do their part as well.

More to come