Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Israel DID 9-11: How They Fooled The American Public So Easily!

The average American spends over 6 hours daily glued to their Talmudvision Idiot Boxes. These media brainwashing devices fill peoples' heads with horrific and absolutely absurd crap. The damage to peoples' intelligence as a result is overwhelming. This is fact, not fiction!

We now know definitely that Israel did the attacks of 9-11. This is beyond a shadow of a doubt. However, little is coming out of the Zionist controlled MSM about this fact, and people are still subjugated to the LIES about "A-Rabs" led by (a long dead) Osama Bin Laden pulling off the attacks! It is absolutely revolting that people still do not see the truth.

But we need to ask: How did the Israelis get the American psyche wrapped around the false information about the 9-11 attacks so easily? The answer stems from the Zionist control over television and the usage of that device as a method of brainwashing. Here now, I want to present a great video that was actually released almost 3 years ago that explains in great detail how the Israelis got their agents on the ground and in the television studios in place for their lies and falsehoods about the attacks to fill American heads so quickly:

NTS Notes: The Mossad agent interviewed on the ground is the dead giveaway for their lies. This clown was dressed to look as "all American" as possible with his ball cap and the Harley Davidson T-shirt. AND Talk about a scripted speech! Also, the clown in the TV studio is clearly an Israeli agent there to feed the false information that Osama Bin Laden was involved in the attacks quickly into the American conscience while Americans are still shocked.

It is a known fact that when people are in a state of shock, they are more open to suggestions and will quickly accept anything to alleviate the shock. Was Psychological Warfare in the form of "shock therapy" done to the American public on the morning of 9-11? You bet!

The brainwashing by using Television to get the falsehoods about 9-11 into the minds of Americans worked wonders and beyond the Zionists' wildest dreams. Now it is time to deprogram the public and get the real truth out!

Israel did 9-11. We now have all the proof in the world, and it is now
up to readers to get that truth out to as many people as possible. These criminals may try to do another 9-11 attack shortly to get their next war against Iran off the ground, so we must be prepared.

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Thinking....... said...

Full Israeli El Al flight took off on 9/11 from JFK to Tel Aviv

So along with the Bin Laden family the Israelis also got special treatment. Of course this was not reported then. We were kept in the dark until now.