Thursday, March 25, 2010

Further Proof America That Your Politicians DO NOT Answer To The American Public

Changing gears for the moment from the exposure of Israel being behind the 9-11 attacks, I came across some interesting material that comes from the website:, where it seems that the GOP candidates in the race for the California Senate seat occupied by pro-Israeli Senator Barbara Boxer are accusing front runner Tom Campbell of not being "pro-Israel" enough to be anointed to the Senate! This is absolutely astounding and shows again that your "elected" representatives, America, do NOT answer to American interests at all. Here is that article:

CA GOP Senate Front-Runner Tom Campbell bows to Pressure from Israel Firsters

Candidates are lining up to challenge incumbent Senator Barbara Boxer. While California is usually a safe Democratic state, Scott Brown's victory in Massachusetts shows that many democrats with strong ties to the establishment, such as Boxer who voted for the wall street bailouts are vulnerable. While Republicans disagree with Boxer on many issues, on the issue of unconditional support for Israel the Republicans and Boxer are mostly aligned.

GOP front runner Former Congressman Tom Campbell who recent polls show could defeat Barbara Boxer, has been accused by his fellow Republican challengers Carli Fiorina and Chuck Devore, of not being sufficiently pro-Israel enough. As a Congressman Campbell has voted to reduce aid to Israel and supported a shared Jerusalem between Israel and a future Palestinian state.

Carli Fiorina said "what is clear is that Tom Campbell and I couldn't disagree more when it comes to policy regarding our nation's relationship with Israel. I am an unwavering supporter of Israel and believe strongly that the United States should continue to support and defend the country." Devore's campaign has made similar allegations and called Campbell "a friend to our foes."

An aid to Carly Fiorina has even accused Campbell of anti-semitism. Bruce McPherson, a former California secretary of state and Republican lawmaker who is supporting Tom Campbell says that Fiorina's campaign manager Marty Wilson told him over a private phone conversation about supporting Campbell over Fiorina, "why would you do that?" He's an anti-Semite." Wilson denies the remark but says that "Tom Campbell has a record that is decidedly anti-Israel and has some very questionable associations."

A staff member of Campbell's Campaign responded saying "he's the polar opposite of what some people are making him out to be. I'm really shocked at how the facts are being ignored and abused trying to make Campbell out to be a bad guy when no less than Congressman Tom Lantos, a Holocaust survivor, referred to Campbell as a champion for the state of Israel and against anti-Semitism. I think that if you have all the facts, you'll come away with a very different impression of Campbell."

Rabbi Abraham Cooper of the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Los Angeles who has known Campbell personally said "he's a brilliant gentlemen and an engaging personality, and I don't think he's particularly pro-Israel, I think there's enough there on the record that would send real alarms that this is someone who maybe doesn't fully understand, doesn't fully value or fully support a strong ongoing relationship with the state of Israel, an alliance with the state of Israel."

Under pressure Campbell is now trying to prove his pro-Israel credentials. In a recent speech at the San Francisco World Affairs Council, Campbell said "America has a relationship with Israel of this nature. We provided Patriot Missiles, and military crews to operate them, when Israel was under attack from Saddam Hussein in the first Gulf War. America used military force to restore Kuwait to its independence. Though we sought and obtained United Nations' approval for that action, we never said our military action was conditioned upon obtaining that approval. Nor should it. When an ally is attacked, it is in our direct interest to defend our ally and repel the attack. And as the world knows this, attacks will be less likely."

Campbell is even saying that the US should back an Israeli strike against Iran stating on his campaign website that "Iran's rulers need to hear that if they do not stop their nuclear program, they are inviting an Israeli attack. They need to hear that the US will not try to restrain Israel. If Iran wants to avoid attack, Iran must stop building its weapons of annihilation. Uncertainty about what America will do if Israel acts should be removed, and removed now."

Alison Weir who runs an anti-zionist organization called if America Knew reported that when Campbell spoke to the Council on American Islamic Relations he said " the lobby had pushed Congress to give additional money to Israel on top of its uniquely immense annual allotment. Campbell proposed that this extra money be used instead to avert the de-funding of a program that worked to prevent blindness in Africa. Weir added that "Campbell said "that many of his fellow Representatives privately told him they thought this was a wonderful plan, complimented him on his courage in proposing it, and said they didn’t’ dare vote for it." Campbell latter endorsed Weir's organization which is now being used against him.

Campbell's past record proves that he did not always tow the line of the Israeli lobby and knows the danger it poses to our country. However he is caving under pressure from his opponents, pundits, and special interest and is now going out of his way to compensate. MJ Rosenberg at the Huffington Post said that "the best part is that no one the Republicans come up with will be as loyal to AIPAC as Barbara Boxer, the Democratic incumbent. A progressive on every other issue, she is with AIPAC on all matters relating to Israel (including Iran). AIPAC will support her no matter who the GOP nominates."

We do not have any candidates running who will stand by principle. Our state is on a brink of bankruptcy while we are sending $ 3 Billion a year in aid to Israel not to mention the trilions spent on the war in Iraq that these Israel Firsters helped get us into. Why doesn't any candidate demand that we use that money to solve are states financial problems? We need a Senator who will look out for the interest of our state and not a foreign country. So far none of the major candidates have proved they are qualified for the job.

NTS Notes: OK, first off... Why the hell are these "Israel Firsters" TRAITORS doing trying to tell candidates wanting to representing the citizens of the United States what to do? What the hell ever happened to "elected" officials answering to their constituents and their own nation first? This article shows again that Israel definitely controls America, and that people are not elected in the United States anymore unless they bow down to Israel first!

Now that Israel is fully guilty of the crimes of 9-11, it is definitely time for Americans to put into office those individuals that are willing to stand up against the Zionist criminals and put AMERICAN interests first, second, and third! That time is NOW!

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