Thursday, March 11, 2010

From The Files Of Absurdity, Volume XCIX: Now The Global Warming Scam Artists Are Really Reaching Out Of Desperation With This One!

OK.... We all know by now that Global Warming is nothing more than a massive lie just to take away your hard earned tax dollars, and to bring in the Zionist dream of a One World Government through their false "Green Initiatives". The lies have all been exposed, and the scam artists in the Global Warming camp are now on the run!

However, it seems that there is still no end to their absolutely Absurd and Ludicrous claims just to try to keep their false dreams alive. Here now, I want to present one of the most insane and ludicrous ideas that these criminals have come up with in their desperation. This article comes from the UK, from the Mirror News Service at, and please don't laugh too loudly until after you read all of this absolutely ridiculous notion:

Cocaine users 'making global warming worse'

Cocaine users were last night accused of helping to make global warming worse.

MPs on the home affairs select committee said the drug was devastating Colombian rainforests because trees are knocked down to grow coca plants.

Group chairman Keith Vaz said: "We were horrified to learn for every few lines of cocaine snorted in a London club, four square metres of rainforest is destroyed."

Un Office on Drugs and Crime chief Antonio Maria Costa added: "Europeans know they shouldn't buy blood diamonds or clothes made by slaves in sweatshops.

"Yet with cocaine the opposite occurs. Worse still, models who wouldn't dare to wear a tiger fur coat show no qualms about flaunting their cocaine use."

The MPs also warned that more people in Britain were dying from the drug - cocaine caused 235 sudden deaths in 2008. The committee said that it led to heart disease, the erosion of brain function and could be "extremely toxic" when mixed with alcohol.

Members called for police to get tougher on users with more hand-held drug tracing machines in public.

And they said the operation against drugs bosses was "woefully inadequate" with only about 12% of coke coming to the UK being confiscated. Mr Vaz added that the perception of the white powder as safe was a "myth"

NTS Notes: After I read this, I thought" "Oh, come on now! This is absolutely retarded!" This is definitely Global Warming nonsense at its worst. I cannot believe that the Mirror would actually allow this to be published. What the heck are the British Government MP's thinking?

I in no way condone the use of illicit drugs in any manner, but for government officials to claim that Cocaine users make "Global Warming worse", and to try to back up that laughable notion with more BS is beyond absurd.

One for the Files Of Absurdity indeed. I figured it would only be a matter of time before something comes out of Great Britain that is absolutely absurd. It seems that the British Government is still busy trying to sell the lie of Global Warming, and are now on the cusp of insanity.

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