Monday, March 29, 2010

EXTREMELY Important Interview: Dr. Alan Sabrosky On TIU Radio With Ognir (The Info Underground) And DBS (The French Connection)

Israel did 9-11. There is absolutely no doubt any more about that statement being clear fact! The two interviews that Dr Alan Sabrosky did on the Ugly Truth Podcast ( and have gone viral over the internet, and they are probably the most important interviews conducted anywhere over the last few years. The Zionist controlled MSM including ALL Zionist controlled Television stations, and ALL regular Zionist controlled radio stations, are absolutely NOT talking about the truth that 9-11 was a Zionist Israeli attack on America, and that Israel is fully responsible for the deaths of over 3000 innocent Americans on that fateful day!

Now as a follow-up to those interviews, Ognir at the Information Underground ( has just conducted an important Conference call interview between himself, Darryl Bradford Smith from The French Connection (, and Dr Alan Sabrosky. It is an excellent interview, and I want to present the link right here for everyone to listen to closely:

NTS Notes: Another important link that all readers should copy, paste, email, etc, and spread around quickly. The Zionists are now working overtime in trying to suppress this revelation that they are fully responsible for the mass murder of 9-11. It is up to us, over the Internet, to get the truth out!

I wish to thank both Darryl Bradford Smith, and Ognir, for their tireless efforts in getting the truth about our sick world out to all listeners and readers at their sites. Take a look closely at their work, readers, and especially at all of the audio files. They are very informative and very revealing!

Israel did 9-11. It is time for people everywhere to know that truth and to finally unite against their criminality. That time is NOW!

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