Thursday, March 18, 2010

THE Best Video On The Truth About 9-11: The (US) Military KNOWS Israel Pulled Off 9-11

Once in a while something great happens that gives people the truth when the truth is desperately needed. We have been subjugated for the last 8+ years by our Zionist controlled MSM and our own governments to the constant ploy and outright lie that "19 A-rabs with box cutters did 9-11!". People in America have been spoon fed that lie for so long and the brainwashing as a result runs very deep indeed.

However, it seems that the last vestiges of that outright lie are finally being peeled away. I came across the following two video parts, thanks primarily to my regular surfing of a multiple of websites on the net. These two parts are a must see and listen, and the information is absolutely dynamite!

Here are the two parts in their entirety:

Part I:

Part II:

NTS Notes: I also want to present the audio link here, just in case the criminals are able to remove the video from Zionist controlled Youtube:

It seems that what I have been saying for years, and others have said all along is absolutely true!
Israel DID 9-11, and we now have all the proof in the world. It is time now to take this information and pass it around to others to make all people aware of the truth.

For some additional clarification on this video: The audio interview is between Mark Glenn, and Dr. Alan Sabrosky, the former director of studies at the US Army War College. Dr. Sabrosky says that the US Military brass now know that Israel, and traitors within the US itself, committed the attacks of 9-11.

America and the world have had enough of Israel's criminality. It is time to end their evil on our planet today!

More to come


MARCH 21ST ALERT: The Zionists who control Youtube have removed part I from this video series, but the podcast is still available. Please listen to the podcast readers!!!

Continued: Great news, readers!!! Here is part I from another link:


Lone Wolf said...

Very very interesting. I'm at a public library right now and can't listen, but am definitely going to check out later.

Northerntruthseeker said...

They have removed part I from the series as of today.

It seems that because this exposes the truth, they do not want the truth to be known!

Pass the podcast around then, people!

Northerntruthseeker said...

I found out that the video has not only gone viral, but now people everywhere are taking it and putting it up under a different heading to PROTECT it from the Zionists who control Youtube....

So what are they going to do to stop it now? Shut down the entire Internet??? It is too late for that because the truth about their supreme criminality is not here for everyone to see!