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Auschwitz Blueprints Found Are NOT Of A Death Camp?

People must understand that I am at a quandary when it comes to the Holocaust. I am one who believes that if all of what is said about the Holocaust from our "official" records is true, then there should absolutely be no fear of any scrutiny and all researchers should be free to look closely at that important part of our "history" for their own writings and closure. But again it has taken the strong arm of the Zionists to make their subject nations pass draconian "Hate Laws" that disallow any factual research into that most important part of history! THAT is the quandary.... I would love dearly to write about the Holocaust to present evidence that even backs up all of the said "official record" but I am unable to, simply because their censors might find something in my articles that could mean a jail sentence for me. THAT is why I call it un-researchable and therefore off limits to my own fact based articles! Truth never needs laws to support itself, only LIES do! I for one will never put up any lies in my articles!

But I can link in other articles and leave readers to judge for themselves. Here is an article from the Jewish website:, which is basically a follow up to the article I put up just the other day about newly discovered documents on Auschwitz discovered in Germany. Here is the Haaretz article:

Last update - 00:00 10/11/2008
Auschwitz expert: Blueprints found in Berlin not of death camp
By Assaf Uni

A leading expert on Auschwitz on Sunday denigrated the importance of the finding of plans for the construction of the extermination camp, which was reported this weekend in the German tabloid Bild. He said the documents have been known to scholars for many years and that they were not plans to build the extermination camp of Auschwitz-Birkenau, but rather earlier plans for the building of a forced labor camp.

Prof. Robert Jan van Pelt, a internationally acknowledged expert on the planning and construction of Auschwitz, said that based on what he had seen on the Internet, there seemed to be nothing new about the documents. He was one of several scholars who expressed doubts about the significance of the Bild story.

Van Pelt, an architectural historian, said that copies of the plans of the stages of the camp's construction were also in the archive of the Polish National Museum at Auschwitz and in an archive in Moscow. He said that the source of the new copies was unclear since, according to Bild, the plans were found in an apartment in Berlin, whereas copies that were in the SS offices in Berlin were destroyed by Allied bombing in 1944. Van Pelt said he also doubted the authenticity of the signature of the SS chief, Heinrich Himmler, since such a high-ranking officer would not have signed such plans, and none of the copies he had ever seen bore such a signature

Van Pelt also said the words "gas chamber" on one of the drawings meant a room in which disinfection of clothing was done by means of gas, and that the sketch is not of an extermination camp established in 1942, but rather of earlier plans for a huge concentration camp in which a force of 130,000 slave laborers was intended to work.

Van Pelt suggested the plans might be fakes, motivated by the lucrative market in Nazi memorabilia and documents.

Ralf Georg Reuth, the historian who wrote the piece in Bild, told Haaretz yesterday that the existence of such plans in Russian archives was known, "but German institutions have no originals, and therefore the importance of the finding of such original material is very great." Reuth would not elaborate on where and when the plans were discovered, or whether they had been submitted to experts for study.

NTS Notes: This article leaves more questions than answers...... Anyone can read between the lines and see that the author of this article is dismissing these newly discovered blueprints as fakes.. But what if they are not and found to be genuine? Then what the hell was Auschwitz? A death camp? Or was it a Labor Camp?

Even Mike Rivero puts up an important commentary about this discovery, which I want to present here from

"... they were not plans to build the extermination camp of Auschwitz-Birkenau, but rather earlier plans for the building of a forced labor camp.


The German camps were labor camps where the prisoners were forced to manufacture goods for the Nazi war effort.

But at the close of WW2 the founders of Israel faced a major public relations problem. The world had united together against Hitler, shedding much blood and treasure for the principle that one nation does not have a right to steal the lands of another nation for their own use. The founders of Israel were planning to do just that to the Palestinians, and they needed a propaganda weapon so powerful that the world would agree that Israel must be allowed to do to Palestine what Germany was not allowed to do to Poland.

So the German slave-labor camps were "spun" as death camps, their multi-ethnic inmate populations portrayed as primarily Jews, the delousing to fight typhus as "gassings", the deaths from the typhus epidemics as "exterminations", etc. etc, etc. to manufacture an illusion that justified, indeed demanded that Israel be allowed to do to Palestine what Germany was barred from doing to Austria, France, etc.

Time and science have caught up with yet another lie, as the blueprints from Auschwitz prove it was a slave-labor camp. Like the myths of soap made from humans, and lampshades made from human skin, more of the facade of this monstrous and deadly lie crumble away.

NTS Notes: Sadly, The Holocaust is still off limits to proper research here in Canada. People have gone to jail in Canada for only wanting research into this important part of our history! Maybe someday we will have the freedom to actually investigate it properly and come to rightful conclusions about that part of our history. In the meantime, I have to leave it up to my readers to judge for themselves.

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