Tuesday, January 12, 2010

US Soldiers Are (Finally) Waking Up!

The United States is presently embroiled in a multitude of wars around the globe. Some examples: US Forces are fighting in Afghanistan, and Pakistan against "insurgents and terrorists", while they are occupying Iraq and assisting in stopping "insurgents" in the Philippines. Soon they will be embroiled in new wars, possibly against Iran and Yemen.

It does make you wonder what kind of mentality is required to be a soldier. Many are recruited and put through months of intensive basic training and brainwashing to harden their minds into the ability to take orders and to kill. Soon afterwards they are sent to these foreign places believing that they are there to fight against terrorists and insurgents and to "fight for and to maintain American freedoms".

But it seems that after being exposed to the truth about exactly what they are doing to civilians, and why they are actually in these countries, many have become disillusioned, and are coming home psychologically damaged, distraught, and even suicidal. Many are beginning to question their own leadership and their own government for being involved in wars to support evil causes.
It appears that some soldiers are finally speaking out against the authorities that sent them to fight for unjust causes.

Here is a great video via eclipptv.com called "US Soldiers Are Waking Up" that presents one brave soldier coming forward to tell everyone exactly what these soldiers are fighting and dying for. My comments to follow:

NTS Notes: It appears that some soldiers are finally speaking out against their own government's tyranny. These wars are for all the wrong reasons. Iraq is for Israel. Afghanistan is for the drug trade. Pakistan is for both the drug trade and an oil pipeline to the Arabian Sea. The list goes on and on....

Guaranteed there are many soldiers out there that feel exactly the same way as this brave man. We should support those that want to come forward and tell the truth. Illegal wars for conquest, Israel, and for drugs, must be stopped.

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