Sunday, January 31, 2010

From The Files Of Absurdity, Volume LXXXII: Is This The Twisted Mentality Of The Zionists?

We sometimes wonder about the psychological mindset of the Israelis. Many are brainwashed from birth with the false notion that they are the "chosen people" and that they are superior over all other races. Many also are taught from birth to despise all other people on the planet as per the teachings of their Talmudic scriptures. Many suffer with extreme paranoia and xenophobia when it comes to dealings with their neighbours and all other nations on the planet!

Now I want to present the following video from Youtube that I find absolutely absurd and disturbing. Is this the mindset of the people of Israel today and what they truly think of Haiti and how it has suffered from their recent earthquake? You decide:

NTS Notes: This type of humour is disturbing indeed. I have noticed that their Mainstream media outlets have not picked up on this video and its horrible insensitive message that it presents, but with their total control and censorship, was it expected?

This belongs in my files of Absurdity for the immoral behaviour and insensitivity of the Zionists that it represents. These people definitely have no souls when it comes to their treatment of others.

More to come


NTS Note, February 4th, 2010: It appears that this video has rattled the criminals to the point that they got their compliant YouTube to take this video off the charts! If anyone has a link to this video from another site, Please let me know through the comment section,and I will repost the video ASAP...


NTS Note, February 18th, 2010: A friend sent me a link to the video, and I have put it back up above for all of my readers to look at....


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