Wednesday, January 6, 2010

False Flag Attack At Vancouver-Whistler Olympic Games?

The Winter Olympic Games at Vancouver-Whistler are almost upon us. For two weeks in mid-February, international athletes will meet in British Columbia, Canada and the games will be seen by billions around the world. It will be a spectacle indeed.

However, there are several disturbing reports that have surfaced about these upcoming Olympic games. Here is a great video from thetruthergirls, that puts out an alert that there may be a false flag attack during these games. My comments to follow:

NTS Notes: This is absolutely not paranoia when you realize that Verint WAS the "security" firm in charge during the London 7/7 "terrorist" attacks, and that Verint has been exposed as being an Israeli Mossad front! One needs to ask themselves why the Canadian government would hire a known Mossad operation to be in charge of security at these games? It is also very highly suspicious about having Parliament suspended because of these Olympic Games. I may need verification on this, but I am sure that Parliament was NOT suspended during Canada's other Olympic games in the past at Montreal 1976, and Calgary 1988, so why now?

Lets keep a close watch before and during these games. If something does go down, then you will definitely now know that it is NOT a "terrorist" attack, but a real false flag operation against Canada.

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Anonymous said...

Jews have this sick fascination; bragging about their sinister plans in Hollywood movies prior to the event. Usually these clues are picked up by some observer AFTER the jew-attack. Such is the case with 911. I read somewhere, long, long ago, in a galaxy far, far away, that there was a movie (and I can't recall its name) which dealt with a made for Hollywood terrorists attack. One of the actors was playing with their radio dial and a quick flash shot by the camera revealed that it was set for radio station "911".

Well, it just so happens that in the movie 2012, there is a conversation between two federal agents, and one agents says to the other, "Remember Vancouver in 2010".

If I were Canadian, I'd stay as far away from those games as possible.


I hope all my Canadian kinspeople are OK and blessed.

Northerntruthseeker said...

Thanks James...

I remember that small quote from the movie clip...

Remember Vancouver in 2010.... I just hope it is NOT a future rallying cry.....

Ryan said...

Anonymous said...

I know a fellow who had been hired by the Commissionaires for "security" at the Olympics. He has been training with the military for almost a year on military bases, and his communication with the outside world has been limited to monitored e-mail and phone calls with his girlfriend. He is not allowed to discuss ANYTHING about his job.

The level of paranoia that appears to be associated with this operation is disturbing. A local radio station was reporting that spectators would be expected to arrive THREE HOURS ahead of events for airport style searches, and body scans/patdowns.

Martial law is too high a price to pay for the "privilege" of hosting the Olympics.